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Don Juan's Reckless Daughter

Released: December 1977

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» Album Notes

Guitar and Vocal Joni Mitchell
Bass Jaco Pastorius
Drums John Guerin

Guitar and Vocal Joni Mitchell
Bass Jaco Pastorius

Guitar and Vocal Joni Mitchell
Bass Jaco Pastorius
Drums John Guerin
Bongos Don Alias
Soprano Sax Wayne Shorter

Piano and Vocal Joni Mitchell
Bass Jaco Pastorius
Drums John Guerin
Soprano Sax Wayne Shorter
Orchestrated and Conducted by Michael Gibbs

Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Joni Mitchell
Electric Guitar Larry Carlton
Snare Drum John Guerin
Piano Michael Colomber

Congas Clave Don Alias
Congas Coffee Cans Manolo Badrena
Congas Cowbell Alejandro Acuna
Surdo (Bass Drum) Airto
Bongos Jaco Pastorius
Vocals Manolo Badrena (Lead Joni Mitchell Don Alias Chaka Khan Alejandro Acuna

Vocals Joni Mitchell Chaka Khan
Surdo (Bass Drum) Airto
Cowbells Jaco Pastorius
Congas Manolo Badrena
Shakers Alejandro Acuna
Snaredrum and Sandpaper Blocks Don Alias

Guitar and Vocal Joni Mitchell
The Split Tongued Spirit El Bwyd
Bass Jaco Pastorius
Ankle Bells Alejandro Acuna
Shaker Don Alias
(In Spirit) Bobbye Hall and Manolo Badrena

Vocals Joni Mitchell, J.D. Souther Glenn Frey
Bass Jaco Pastorius
Drums John Guerin
Orchestrator Michael Gibbs

Guitar and Vocals Joni Mitchell

Recorded at A&M Studios in Hollywood by Henry Lewy and Steve Katz
Ordhestra recorded at Columbia Studio C in New York by Frank Laico
Additional recording at Basing Street Studio in London
Assistant Engineer Robert Ash
Mastered at A&M Studios, Los Angeles by Bernie Grundman

Jaco Pastorius appears courtesy of Epic Records and Columby Productions, Inc.
Wayne Shorter appears courtesy of Columbia Records
John Guerin appears courtesy of Caribou Records and the L.A. Express

Chaka Khan appears courtesy of ABC Records, Inc.
Airto appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Inc.

All songs written and composed by Joni Mitchell
Except "The Tenth World" written by Joni Mitchell, Don Alias, Manolo Badrena, Alejandro Acuna, Airto and Jaco Pastorius

All songs © 1977 Crazy Crow Music BMI except:
Jericho © 1974 and 1977 Crazy Crow Music BMI
Don Juan"s Reckless Daughter © 1976 and 1977 Crazy Crow Music BMI
Dreamland © 1975 and 1977 Crazy Crow Music BMI
Talk To Me © 1976 and 1977 Crazy Crow Music BMI
Used by permission All rights reserved
Personal Management Elliot Roberts Design Joni Mitchell Art Direction Glen Christensen Photography Norman Seeff Photoprints Keith Williamson Thanks to Krims for part of the magic

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» Guitar Transcriptions

 » Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (Guitar tablature by Mark Domyancich and Howard Wright)
 » Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (Lead sheet by Lucas Pickford)
 » Jericho (Guitar chords by Sue McNamara)
 » Off Night Backstreet (Guitar chords by Marian Russell)
 » Otis And Marlena (Guitar chords by Sue McNamara)
 » Otis And Marlena (Guitar tablature by Marian Russell)
 » Overture - Cotton Avenue (Guitar tablature by Howard Wright)
 » Overture - Cotton Avenue (Guitar tablature by Marian Russell)
 » Talk To Me (Guitar chords by Marian Russell)
 » Talk To Me (Guitar chords by Mark Domyancich)
 » The Silky Veils Of Ardor (Guitar tablature by Mark Domyancich)
 » The Silky Veils Of Ardor (Guitar chords by Sue McNamara) - Rated 9.00

» Piano Transcriptions

 » Paprika Plains (complete score) (by Dave Blackburn & Michael Dunn) - Rated 10.00
 » Paprika Plains (piano/vocal) (by Dave Blackburn & Michael Dunn) - Rated 10.00

Comments on this album

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JoniMySavior on 2013-Mar-21 at 17:27:28 GMT-5:
I wish there were more options for Jericho! I bought the sheet music, but its hard to read. I really want to learn how to play this song on the guitar(1977 version)!!!
afriendofspirit on 2011-Jul-03 at 11:41:17 GMT-5:
So unbelievably underrated, even by Joni devotees...the lyrics to the more straight-forward songs follow so well on the heels of Hejira, and I feel like this is Joni showing her more fun-loving side after the introspection of that album. Talk to Me, Jericho, the title track, and Off Night Backstreet are all among my favorites...and the "experimental" stuff blows me away as well, its no wonder this is the one that got Charlie Mingus' attention!
groeneveldp on 2009-Aug-29 at 10:25:58 GMT-5:
besides of Joni's hits I am not so familiar with her music, but this album I bought in the year when it was released and I still listen to it.
an album from an outstanding quality: the songs, the recording and the atmosphere wich is also due to the tribute from Jaco Pastorius and from other weather report members, but the combination of the guitar, vocals and his bassplaying has never done before and has never been done afterwards.
you are the only female singer/composer I have in my record collection.
thanks Joni for having recorded this album.


paul.   [ed.]