Joni Mitchell


A singer, composer and lyricist of exceptional talent and unmatched influence, Joni Mitchell has crafted an extraordinary body of work spanning more than 40 years and is widely regarded as one of the brightest musical lights of recent generations. Fans, fellow musicians and critics have delighted in an ever-evolving creative journey, with songs both universal and profoundly personal. Her music has become a standard to which others are compared and which many aspire to copy, but its inventiveness and ineffable spirit make it decidedly her own. Explore the musical magnificence of Joni Mitchell.

Inspired by Joni - the Songs

Joni has served as the inspiration for a number of songs by other musicians.

Misc. Recordings

Joni has participated in, or been featured on a number of recordings by other singers and songwriters.

Songs About Joni

Many musicians have written songs about Joni.

Inspired by Joni - the Albums

A number of musicians have been inspired enough to record entire albums of Joni's songs.

Joni Undercover - Songs recorded by others

Even before Joni's first recordings, other singers were and continue to be drawn to her songs.