The World of Joni Mitchell

Release date:  1971


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musicalboxcryme on

While digitally recording my old vinyl albums I arrived at this album that as a very young man I purchased many years ago. At first I questioned whether to record it as I already have all the tracks on their original albums but as I had not played it for at least three decades I decided to treat myself and so as I write this message the album is playing. The selection of songs contains a good balance between the hits and a few album tracks from the early albums so this would be a good album for someone who wanted to listen to a varied selection of songs by Joni. As the songs play and the needle tracks across the record I am entranced by their simplicity and to have Joni's beautiful voice singing directly to me with stories of love, life and dreams. I'm also reminded that Joni has been with me for almost all of my life and many of the 12 songs on this album are among my favourite songs of all time and now that I've listened to the whole album again I'm so pleased and happy to have spent this morning in the world of Joni Mitchell.