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The Polaris Music Prize, established in 2006, is an annual award honoring albums by Canadian artists, based on artistic merit rather than sales. But what about all those great Canadian albums that came out before the Polaris Music Prize existed? Well, those records also get some love, courtesy of the Polaris Heritage Prize.

The (Canadian) Heritage award, which was first presented last year, is for albums that would likely have been nominated for the Polaris Prize had it been around back in the day. Ten albums are nominated from each of four time periods: 1960-1975, 1976-1985, 1986-1995 and 1996-2005.

This year's nominees in the 1960-1975 period include Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark, Neil Young's Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and After the Gold Rush, The Band's Music from Big Pink and its self-titled effort, Gordon Lightfoot's Lightfoot! and Leonard Cohen's Songs of Leonard Cohen.

Cast your vote through mid-October.

We are thrilled to see Joni out and about again! Last night she attended a Chick Corea concert at the Catalina Bar and Grill in Los Angeles. L-R: Joni, Chick Corea, Gayle Moran Corea, Herbie Hancock. (Photo by Toshi Sakurai)

Christopher Cross is working on a new album, and has completed a track called "Roberta" - a tribute to Joni. He's offered to share it with the Joni community, saying "'Roberta' is the first [song] I have completed [on my new album], which is very much influenced by her later work 'Hejira' and beyond." Thanks to Christopher for sharing this preview with the community, we hear the influence!

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The Apex
Bury St Edmunds
Singer-songwriter Joanna Eden lovingly traces the musical journey of her hero Joni Mitchell. Joanna - who mentored Sam Smith - believes that songs travel through people. “I am so proud to have introduced Sam to Joni Mitchell’s music and to the concept of telling your own truth”. More info

Direct from their appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of the #madeinadelaide campaign, A Case of You: The Music of Joni Mitchell featuring Deborah Brennan, Max Garcia-Underwood and Chris Neale plays as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival at The Butterfly Club.

The success of the show lies not only in the interpretation of the iconic songs, but also in the commentary that ties these songs together. It's not just about "old songs in new lungs". The show is an intimate portrayal of Joni's biggest works, sprinkled with stories along the way where Brennan reveals the influence certain songs have had in her own life. It's the narrative that helps make the show more accessible to the audience.

The show will run from September 27 - Oct 2 at 5:30 PM. Shows will take place at The Butterfly Club (5 Carson Place, Melbourne). Ticket prices are between $25- $32.

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Joni Mitchell: River
Conceived and Directed by Allen MacInnis
Music Arranged by Greg Lowe
October 18 to November 5, 2016

A luminous theatrical presentation, Joni Mitchell: River celebrates the music of one of Canada’s most important artists. Tony-award nominee Louise Pitre (Mamma Mia!), award-winning singer/songwriter Emm Gryner, and Brendan Wall (Mirvish, Once), accompanied by a four-piece band, showcase 27 songs that trace the arc of a love affair from Help Me and Big Yellow Taxi to the breathtaking Both Sides Now. More information here.

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