Thanks to many individuals for all their help and encouragement over the years with Primarily, hats off to Wally Breese, Jim Johanson, and Simon Montgomery for starting it all.

First, a special thanks goes out to Raffaele Malanga for all the work he has done on the both the site and the JMDL site over the years. All the graphics, design, and flash were done by him - one of the best web designers in the business! Visit his website at Far Studios. This website was a joint venture between Far Studios and Front Range Digital Media.

Thanks also to Dave Blackburn and Michael Paz for the MP3s, to Cassy for tireless typing, to Bob Muller for his continued vigilance in tracking down covers, and to Bob Murphy.

At the risk of leaving a thousand people out, thanks to the following who've also contributed to since I took over in late 2005: Pino D'Amico, Rachel Avery, Dean French, Sylvia Greybe, Laura Koopman, Kathy Johnson, Patrick Leader, Joey McGowan, Norma Meatheringham, Susan J. Michael, Andreas Mueller, Jerry Notaro, Andrew Ritchie, Lisa Sampson, Josh Shurr, Jenna Talia, Ley Thompson, Mark-Leon Thorne, and Barry Wilson.