Release date:  May 1969

Album Notes


Composed and arranged by Joni Mitchell
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California (thank you)
Engineered by Henry Lewy
"Tin Angel" produced by Paul Rothchild
Special thanks to Michael Vossi and Elliott Roberts
All music published by Siquomb Publishing Corp., 55 Liberty Street, New York, N.Y. 10005
Cover art by Joni Mitchell
Art direction: Ed Thrasher

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Ian Welland on

This album is not as poignant for me as maybe 'Blue' or 'Court and Spark' which took their place in my collection before 'Clouds'; but I have to say 'I Don't Know Where I Stand' is truly outstanding and sets it apart from all other recordings of the time. I have enjoyed moments of solitude and even moments of sharing ideals but what always has remained are the terms of this song echoing and making me face up to what is for me a reoccurring dilemma - who am I?; where am I?; where are we?

Kaboodle on

"I Don't Know Where I Stand"---check out Fairport Convention's electric take on this great song on their Heyday record, which I believe is a record of BBC recordings.

may.allen on

Hi girls+boys+all of you people involved with setting up this web-page.i was listening to the "radio" the other day+fortunately,: JONI'S song Clouds was playin'! This piece of music took me back decades ago!! Unvoluntarily, i had to take part in the Vietnam war+and we had our ghetto blasters as a consolence 2 remain in touch with "back home".I,as well as the "kids" now-a-days ,involved in senceless "wars" search for positive messages from relatives,friends aquaintences,etc,etc! I watched the Clouds back then+still do! THANK YOU JONI

LKay09 on

So after devouring "Song to a Segull" and becoming completely obsessed with Joni Mitchell back in 1970, I had to purchase this album too and tried learning some of the songs in open tuning on my guitar. Joni Mitchell's early music will always hold a very special place in my heart.

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