Guitar and Piano Transcriptions

The Fiddle And The Drum (vocal arrangement)

Piano music transcribed by Tim Weiss

Author Notes:

Tim Weiss says:

"The vocal jazz ensemble I am in at school is singing this
arrangement, and we may record it, as well, at the end of the

"I don't have much to say about the arrangement, frankly. I've
been in awe with the original for most of my life. The melody is
gorgeous, and the lyric is powerful. I just wanted to attach

my unique kind of view point to the message of the song. I feel

that, while the message seems to be quite simple in actuality,

there is such an overwhelming sense of complexity associated

with achieving the goal of the message. I wanted to echo the

call of a different time, and focus it into the present time.

To me, the complexity of the harmony serves as a translation and
reflection of how I feel about the complexities of this world,

and that of Joni Mitchell's message. I certainly fear the beating
drums and all that accompanies them. Thank you, Joni Mitchell,

for the wonderful and compelling song!"

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