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Mitchell, Dilcher release strong records Print-ready version

by John Fiorentino
Duquesne Duke
February 16, 1978

Albums by Joni Mitchell and Cheryl Dilcher top this week's albums, which also include releases by Triumvirat and Terri Nakamura.

Joni Mitchell - Don Juan's Reckless Daughter: Joni Mitchell has come up with still another fine album. This time it's a double album even though it is less than 60 minutes long. Her music has really been stripped down to the basics here. She accompanies herself on acoustic guitar and piano and receives help from Jaco Pastorius (bass) and John Guerin (drums) on most of the cuts. Don Alias and Airto Moreira play percussion on a few of the tracks. Gone are the saxes, electric guitars and pianos of the past. Her music has been made simpler so that now she must rest on her vocal and songwriting talents to pull her through. And pull her through they do. Listen to the complex "Paprika Plains," which makes up all of side two, for evidence of that. "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter" is an interesting tale. Her lyrics are consistently thought-provoking. My favorite side is side three. Opening with "Otis and Marlena," it is filled with an eight-minute song, "The Tenth World," which is mostly African percussion. The number ends with chanting and some rousing beating on the congas, but before you can catch your breath, in comes the soft voice of Mitchell singing the best song on the album, "Dreamland." Another well-packaged album by Miss Mitchell.

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