Release date:  November 21, 1976

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  • Back cover of NME, Dec 4, 1976

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Album Notes

Bass Jaco Pastorius
Rhythm guitar Mitchell
Lead guitar Larry Carlton
Percussion Bobbye Hall

Rhythm guitar Mitchell
Lead guitar Larry Carlton
Vibes Victor Feldman

Drums John Guerin
Bass Max Bennett
Harmonica Neil Young
Guitar Mitchell

Rhythm guitar Mitchell
Lead guitar Larry Carlton
Percussion Bobbye Hall

Bass Jaco Pastorius
Guitar Mitchell
Percussion Bobbye Hall
Clarinet Abe Most

Drums John Guerin
Bass Max Bennett
Vocals & Guitar Mitchell

Bass Jaco Pastorius
Rhythm guitar Mitchell
Lead guitar Larry Carlton

Bass Chuck Domanico
Drums John Guerin
Acoustic guitar Larry Carlton
Electric guitar Mitchell

Bass Jaco Pastorius
Drums John Guerin
Guitar Mitchell
Horns Chuck Findley & Tom Scott

Recorded at A&M Studios in Hollywood by Henry (Inspirational) Lewy
assisted by Steve Katz
Musical Director Mitchell Mixed by Lewy & Mitchell
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

John Guerin, Max Bennett & Victor Feldman appear courtesy of Caribou Records – The L.A. Express
Larry Carlton appears courtesy of ABC/Blue Thumb Records
Jaco Pastorius appears courtesy of Epic Records
Neil Young appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
Bobbye Hall appears courtesy of 20th Century Records
Tom Scott appears courtesy of Ode Records
Henry Lewy appears courtesy of Nado Lewy

All songs by Mitchell ©1976 Crazy Crow Music (BMI)
All songs used with permission
All rights reserved

Cover design Mitchell
Art Direction Glen Christensen
Photos by Norman Seeff & Joel Bernstein
Photo prints Keith Williamson

Special thanks Toller Cranston
Personal management Elliot Roberts

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Topcat63 on

It's that "twang", the melancholy...it dominates the whole thing.

hjarten on

I was curious after learning that 'Coyote' was somehow based on Sam Shepard. I did a little esoteric research. He was born 2 days before her. Their Compatibility Biorhythms pegged out....in every category. Never saw that before.

coyotemoon on

We got this album at the beginning of a road trip from Huntington Beach, California - up the Coast Highway 1 all the way to Canada - in our 67 VW Bus of course. Perfect soundtrack- in the Spring of '77

Doot on

Joni's performance of "Coyote" in "The Last Waltz' was the key that unlocked my appreciation of her music. Hejira was the first of her albums that I really loved and the one I have listened to the most. I sometimes wake up with this music running through my head.

Danishdog on

Hejira is the most important soundtrack to my life. The times I have listened to it must be in the thousands.

afriendofspirit on

Favorite Joni, by a long shot. It took me a while to warm up to Hejira, but I now go back to it over and over and over again. Song For Sharon is probably my favorite song, but its so hard to pick!!

jonboy on

Breathtakingly original, beautifully atmospheric. Unique. Love it!

sweet.bird on

when i first heard this record, it was something so fresh and profound.
when listening to 'coyote', i felt as though i were hearing a more mature side of joni's music, and onto the entirety of the record.

my thoughts remain the same as that first listen.
this is one of my most favorite records of hers!