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Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967) was nominated for a Grammy today for Best Historical Album. Other contenders are Beyond The Music: Marian Anderson's Complete RCA Victor Recordings; Etching The Voice: Emile Berliner And The First Commercial Gramophone Discs, 1889-1895; Excavated Shellac: An Alternate History Of The World’s Music; and Prince's Sign O' The Times Deluxe Edition.

This year’s Kennedy Center Honors, the nation’s highest honor for the arts, will pay tribute to Joni and other iconic cultural figures Justino Diaz, Berry Gordy, Lorne Michaels, and Bette Midler. The December 5 ceremony will be filmed and a highlights broadcast shown on CBS- Wednesday, December 22 at 9pm Eastern time.

Today's the day we finally get to hear the second volume in Joni's ongoing Archive series. Focusing on the period from late 1967 through early 1971, it's 5 CDs (and, in February, 10 LPs) worth of previously unreleased material. Click the Store link to get your copy!

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When I was a teenager in Israel, Joni Mitchell's music followed me through the streets of Jerusalem, Jericho and Bethlehem. I’m sixty-three now, living in France, and the songs still elude me, they still slip through my fingers.

This concert has been maturing for a long time. Together with Matthieu Beaudin (electronic accordion) and Jules Lefrançois (tuba and drums), fresh arrangements emerged; 3-voice harmonies flourished. I also share stories on how, in the 70’s, Joni’s music penetrated my heart in the Middle East. More information here.

Coral Egan, Yannick Rieu, Rick Haworth, Daniel Thouin and four other partners. Joni Mitchell is a unique and timeless artist. Not only does she have a career spanning half a century, but each of her albums is a world of its own. A formation made up of the cream of Quebec musicians, namely Coral Egan (voice), Yannick Rieu (saxophone) and Daniel Thouin (piano) accompanied by Rick Haworth (electric guitar), Rémi-Jean Leblanc (bass), Joana Peters (percussion) , voice), Robbie Kuster (drums) and Zachary Boileau (acoustic guitar) offers here an overview of her work where jazz, folk and pop come together in an original and relevant way. One can expect a very personal reinterpretation of River, Big Yellow Taxi, Coyote and other ones, but strongly anchored in the spirit of the musical openness that characterizes Joni Mitchell's repertoire. The songs thus become a playground for improvisation and interpretation. A retrospective that does not give in to nostalgia, but that undoubtedly fits into the present. More information here.

Vogliamo accompagnarvi in un viaggio attraverso la discografia di una delle artiste più ispirate ed eclettiche nel panorama musicale degli ultimi cinquant'anni, punto di riferimento imprescindibile per generazioni di musicisti.

Raggiunto il successo come autrice e performer solista folk alla fine degli anni ’60 si avvicina, durante gli anni ’70, tanto al rock quanto al jazz senza mai perdere originalità e vena creativa; la sua produzione ci accompagna sino agli anni 2000 attraversando i tradizionali confini tra diversi generi e linguaggi musicali.

Nei suoi testi sa raccontarsi da un'angolazione assolutamente personale e nello stesso tempo universale, dipingendo la donna nella ricerca di equilibrio tra libertà e intimità affettiva, osservando la società e lo show business con franchezza disarmata e disarmante.

Lungo tutto il suo percorso artistico ottiene la stima e la collaborazione dei più grandi musicisti (Neil Young, Crosby Stills and Nash, Leonard Cohen, James Taylor, Jaco Pastorius, Charles Mingus, John Guerin, Wayne Shorter, Michael Breaker, Peter Erskine, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Vinnie Colaiuta, Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty, Seal, Prince, Paulinho Da Costa, Brian Blade, Vince Mendoza...)

“Joni’s World” rivisita in quintetto i grandi classici del suo repertorio e offre uno sguardo inedito anche alle produzioni più recenti, caratterizzandosi per l’inevitabile varietà di stili che la multiforme creatività di Joni Mitchell spinge a esplorare. More information here.

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