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Variety of Events Slated for Fortune Print-ready version

Ottawa Journal
July 5, 1967
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Programs ranging from a rock-and-roll night to a performance of Handel’s L’Allegro ed Il Penseroso are planned for the series of outdoor concerts to be given at Camp Fortune this summer by CBC Ottawa.

Sunday concerts will be held at 4:15 p.m. and those on weekdays at 8 p.m. They will be recorded for broadcast on CBC radio stations.

One such concert presented last summer at Moorside attracted an audience of some 4,000.

Plans this year call for 52 concerts between June 25 and Sept. 3 in a natural amphitheatre near Fortune Lodge.

Following is the schedule:

June 25-26: CBC Studio Orchestra under Dr. Frederick Karam, with Sidney Rosenberg bassoon, and Janet Roy, violin. Works by Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Vaughan Williams and Murray Adaskin.

June 28-29: Brian Browne Trio, with brass ensemble directed by Gerry Hoelke.

June 30: Les Poetes de la chanson under Marcel Nolet.

July 2-3: Music by George Gershwin performed by vocalists Mary Lou Collins and Ken Steele and the CBC Ottawa variety – concert group under Ron Milne.

July 5: Tom Kines, assisting artists and visiting folksinger, Joni Mitchell.

July 7-8: CBC Ottawa variety – concert group under Berthold Carriere.

July 9-10: CBC Studio Orchestra under Dr. Karem, with duo-pianists Victor Bouchard and Renee Morisset.

July 12: Claude Leveillee and Andre Gagnon in a program of chansons and music for two pianos.

July 13-14: Charles Coleman Trio with guitarist Jim Hall and trumpeter Freddie Stone.

July 16-17: Music of Vienna with soprano Yolande Dulude, tenor Pierre Duval and orchestra directed by Gerald Hoelke.

July 18: CBC Ottawa studio jazz group under Bill Jupp, with Zoot Sims, tenor saxophone, Jean Price, vocals and Bix Belair, trumpet.

July 20: Gilles Vigneault, French-Canadian singer.

July 21-22: Handel’s L’Allegro ed Il Penseroso performed by the Cantata Singers and CBC Studio Orchestra under Brian Law, with tenor Leopold Simoneau and soprano Louise Lebrun.

July 23-24: Pops concert conducted by Ken Campbell.

July 26: Donald Lautrec, French-Canadian singer.

July 28-29 CBC Studio Orchestra under Jean-Marie Beaudet.

July 30-31: CBC Ottawa jazz group under Ron Milne, with Mary Lou Collins, vocals, Freddie Stone, trumpet, and Russ Thomas, flute.

Aug. 2: Lise Masse, French-Canadian singer, and Normand Martin, guitar.

Aug. 4-5 Serious program to be announced.

Aug. 6-7: CBC Studio Orchestra under Dr. Karam, with Phyllis Mailing, mezzo-soprano.

Aug. 9: An evening of Dixieland with Chris Potenari and his Red Cats, and vocals by Mary Francis and Barry Dale.

Aug. 11-12, Recital by tenor Jean Bonhomme, with John Coveart at the piano.

Aug. 13-14: Rock-and-roll program.

Aug. 16: CBC Ottawa jazz group under Ken Campbell, with Moe Koffman, flute, Guido Basso, trumpet, and Dave Higgins, vocals.

Aug. 18-19: Program of Film music conducted by Gerry Hoelke.

Aug. 20-21: CBC Studio Orchestra under Dr. Karam with harpsichordist Kenneth Gilbert.

Aug. 23: Ottawa Saxophone Quartet, Peter Fleming Quartet and vocals by Jean Price and Barry Dale.

Aug. 25-26: Folk music with Tom Kines, Alan Mills, Lucienne Sabourin and Russ Thomas.

Aug 27-28: Jazz group directed by Russ Thomas.

Aug. 30: Latin music with Tani Roman, Amalhia Duharte and Tony Romandini.

Sept. 1: Les Cailloux, French-Canadian folk group.

Sept. 2-3: CBC Studio Orchestra under Victor Feldbrill.

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