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The transcription team: Sue, Dave, Howard, and Marian

This archive features guitar and piano transcriptions of many of Joni's songs - including dulcimer tabs, bass guitar notation, and lead sheets as well. Originally conceived and designed by Sue Tierney, the archive has since evolved into a constantly growing project maintained collectively by Sue and fellow guitarists Marian Russell, Howard Wright, and Dave Blackburn (with special thanks to Mark Domyancich). Many other guitarists from around the world have contributed transcriptions as well.

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Most recent additions

  1. Like Veils, Said Lorraine - piano only - Dave Blackburn, piano music
  2. Like Veils, Said Lorraine - Dave Blackburn, piano music
  3. If - Marian Russell, Guitar chords
  4. Both Sides Now - Emil Ernebro, Guitar tablature
  5. The Dawntreader - Jason Pyrdol, Guitar tablature

Most popular in the past 30 days

  1. Both Sides Now - Yukie Smith, Piano music
  2. Both Sides Now - Steve DiBartola, Guitar tablature
  3. Big Yellow Taxi - Harlan Thompson and Howard Wright, Guitar chords
  4. River - Howard Wright, Piano music
  5. Coyote - Howard Wright, Guitar tablature
  6. A Case Of You - Steve Johnson, Guitar chords
  7. Blue - Dave Blackburn, Piano music
  8. A Case of You - Yukie Smith, piano music
  9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Dave Blackburn, Piano music
  10. Both Sides Now - G - Oliver Burkardt, piano music

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A number of Joni's guitar tunings, although tuned to different pitches, have the same relative relationship between the strings. The "tuning pattern" ignores the pitch and groups tunings with similar relationships. For a more detailed explanation, see the Tuning Patterns page.