Past Tributes & Events

Past tributes and events

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Songs Are Like Tattoos - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Four Singer/Songwriters interpret the music of Joni Mitchell
Hosted by Mia Sheard with Lori Cullen, David Matheson and Kevin Fox
More information
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - Millenium Place, Whistler, BC
Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke, BC
Friday, January 28th, 2011 - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - Festival Place, Edmonton AB
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - Brock University Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, ON
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - Capitol Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - Kiwanis Theatre, Chatham, ON
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 - Gibson Centre for the Arts, Alliston, ON
Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON

The exhibiton will include works from contemporary artists who have all chosen Mitchell as their subject. Works will include performance, video, painting, drawing, textile, photography and sculpture. Featured artists will include: Chris Bogia, Jason Villegas, Erik Hanson, Abby Williams, Robert Goldsworthy, and Keith Mayerson. More information can be found here.

526 W. 26th Street #605
New York, NY 10001

"Joni Mitchell is one of the most revered musicians of the last century. She is a confidant, sister, mother, seer and a personification of the artist as archetype. Her influence as a creative muse spans further than the world of music, and many a 'lonely painter' has sought inspirations from her words and chords. Joni is an "artist's diva" - far from the glossy hooks of traditional radio pop stars, she has risen up through the record collections, mix tapes, CD jewel cases and Mp3 players - passed on from one sensitive soul to another for over four decades."

Songs Are Like Tattoos - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Four Singer/Songwriters interpret the music of Joni Mitchell
Hosted by Mia Sheard with Lori Cullen, David Matheson and Kevin Fox
More information
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - Millenium Place, Whistler, BC
Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke, BC
Friday, January 28th, 2011 - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - Festival Place, Edmonton AB
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - Brock University Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, ON
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - Capitol Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - Kiwanis Theatre, Chatham, ON
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 - Gibson Centre for the Arts, Alliston, ON
Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON

Songs Are Like Tattoos - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Four Singer/Songwriters interpret the music of Joni Mitchell
Hosted by Mia Sheard with Lori Cullen, David Matheson and Kevin Fox
More information
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - Millenium Place, Whistler, BC
Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke, BC
Friday, January 28th, 2011 - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - Festival Place, Edmonton AB
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - Brock University Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, ON
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - Capitol Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - Kiwanis Theatre, Chatham, ON
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 - Gibson Centre for the Arts, Alliston, ON
Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON

Gunilla Tornfeldt performs a tribute to Joni. More details here and here.

Songs Are Like Tattoos - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Four Singer/Songwriters interpret the music of Joni Mitchell
Hosted by Mia Sheard with Lori Cullen, David Matheson and Kevin Fox
More information
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - Millenium Place, Whistler, BC
Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke, BC
Friday, January 28th, 2011 - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - Festival Place, Edmonton AB
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - Brock University Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, ON
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - Capitol Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - Kiwanis Theatre, Chatham, ON
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 - Gibson Centre for the Arts, Alliston, ON
Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON

Songs Are Like Tattoos - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Four Singer/Songwriters interpret the music of Joni Mitchell
Hosted by Mia Sheard with Lori Cullen, David Matheson and Kevin Fox
More information
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - Millenium Place, Whistler, BC
Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke, BC
Friday, January 28th, 2011 - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - Festival Place, Edmonton AB
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - Brock University Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, ON
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - Capitol Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - Kiwanis Theatre, Chatham, ON
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 - Gibson Centre for the Arts, Alliston, ON
Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON

Songs Are Like Tattoos - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Four Singer/Songwriters interpret the music of Joni Mitchell
Hosted by Mia Sheard with Lori Cullen, David Matheson and Kevin Fox
More information
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - Millenium Place, Whistler, BC
Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke, BC
Friday, January 28th, 2011 - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - Festival Place, Edmonton AB
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - Brock University Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, ON
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - Capitol Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - Kiwanis Theatre, Chatham, ON
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 - Gibson Centre for the Arts, Alliston, ON
Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON

Songs Are Like Tattoos - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Four Singer/Songwriters interpret the music of Joni Mitchell
Hosted by Mia Sheard with Lori Cullen, David Matheson and Kevin Fox
More information
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - Millenium Place, Whistler, BC
Thursday, January 27th, 2011 - Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke, BC
Friday, January 28th, 2011 - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - Festival Place, Edmonton AB
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - Brock University Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, ON
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 - Capitol Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - Kiwanis Theatre, Chatham, ON
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 - Gibson Centre for the Arts, Alliston, ON
Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON

Join cellist Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf and pianist Simon Mulligan for a unique evening featuring the music of Johannes Brahms and Joni Mitchell, with guest stars Jessica Molaskey and Mary Beth Peil, and arrangements by Jason Robert Brown and Jonathan Tunick. Cover $15.

Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf, cello; Simon Mulligan, piano; Jessica Molaskey, vocals; Mary Beth Peil, vocals; Randy Landau, bass

Sunday, Dec 19 - 8:30PM at The Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village. More information.

Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo California 93401, (805) 547-0278, 6:30-9:30 pm, Cover: $5.00

We celebrated the music of Joni Mitchell in September at our Morro Bay showcase, and the response was so strong we had to do it again. Many of the performers from that show return for an encore on Tuesday Dec. 7 at the Steynberg Gallery in SLO: Chick Tuesday, Shannon Savage, Raeme Miner & Johnee Gange, and Kay Ashley. We jazz it up with torch song vocalist Margie Nelson who will cover Joni’s “Be Cool”, which is also on Margie’s new CD “Hungry Girl”! Also performing is Human Nation jazz guitarist Adam Levine. In addition, we will add two Santa Barbarans: Karen Thurber and Tysa Goodrich, also known as Coyoteez (be sure to wish Karen “happy birthday”). More information.

SALLY Barker interprets the songs of the great Canadian singer-songwriter in The Joni Mitchell Project in The Basement at City Screen, York.

"This celebration of Joni Mitchell’s genius is much more than just a tribute act," says Mojo magazine’s Peter Doggett. "Sally Barker takes some of the most iconic and challenging songs in Joni's catalogue and makes them her own. Joni would be proud of what she has inspired."

Sally first came to attention in The Poozies. Tickets for tonight’s concert cost £8, members £7, on 0871 902 5726 or

Actress and jazz vocalist Kama Ruby ventures into yet another musical area this week with a concert featuring songs written or inspired by Joni Mitchell.

Well known for her sexy jazz standards and jazzy interpretations of classic and alternative rock songs, her latest performance focuses more on Mitchell's songbook, which also has been known to include a jazzy tune or two. Her set list will include Help Me, Woodstock, Jericho, and Blue among others.

Ms. Ruby, who wowed audiences a few months ago with her impersonations of Stevie Nicks and Judy Garland during her performance in The Empty Space's Jukebox Legends, is a huge fan of Mitchell.

"I think Joni Mitchell has been one of the bigger influences in my musical life. Her compositions are so rich with surprisingly complex lyrics and meter changes. I found her songs much harder to learn than I anticipated when I first thought up this project."

The concert, to be held at Don Martin's Metro Galleries in downtown Bakersfield, will showcase not only tunes written by Mitchell, but also those whose writers were inspired by Mitchell, such as Led Zeppelin's Going to California.

"I like a lot of different types of music. I guess I always wanted to be a rock star at heart," she laughed, adding, "I think it's important to embrace and learn from whatever has influenced you if you want to become better at your craft."

Joining her will be three outstanding jazz musicians from the area: Ezekiel Victor (piano), Glen Fong (bass), and Canaan McDuffie (drums). Doors open at 7:30 PM, with the concert starting at 8 PM, Thursday, Nov. 18th. Admission is $10 at the door, all ages admitted.

For more info: or

On Saturday evening, October 9, the performance and visual artist John Kelly will perform his celebrated Joni Mitchell tribute, Paved Paradise: The Art of Joni Mitchell, at the Crowley Theatre. Originally trained as a dancer, Kelly has been creating performance works for the past twenty-five years, "staging" the lives and works of artists such as Egon Schiele, Caravaggio, Antonin Artaud, and Jean Cocteau. He first performed his Joni Mitchell tribute in 1987; since then, he has developed the piece and toured it around the world. In 2003, in an article about Mitchell, New York Times music critic John Rockwell wrote: "Right now, the best live Joni Mitchell is the countertenor-falsettist-drag artist John Kelly in his periodic revivals of his Joni Mitchell act ... If you want to see [Joni Mitchell] in person, catch John Kelly."

There will be two performances of Paved Paradise at the Crowley Theatre on Saturday evening: one at 7:00 PM and one at 10:00. The performances are free, but as seating is limited, reservations are strongly advised.

To make a reservation, click here or call the museum office at 432 729-4362.

Joni Mitchell Tribute night, 7pm until 10pm. Benefit for the School of Music and Arts, 330 East State Street in Ithaca, New York. Many local musicians performing Joni songs to help raise scholarship money for this 50 year old community school!

Now comes word that Kelly is drawing a curtain on the show. Following two performances on Oct. 9 for the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Kelly plans to retire the piece for good. Fortunately, Austin will have another opportunity to experience the show before then, in two shows, Oct. 6 and 7 at One World Theatre. Miss them at your peril. More information.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - August 17, 2010: Michael Paz, New Orleans Music Producer, and Founder of The Ruth Paz Foundation which is funding the construction of The Ruth Paz Hospital for Burns and Pediatric Surgery in Honduras, Central America announced today PAZ FEST II an all-star musical tribute to Joni Mitchell, Friday, September 3, 2010 at 8pm at the Howlin' Wolf, 907 South Peters Street New Orleans, LA. Tickets are $20 and are available in advance at Howlin' Wolf Box Office or by calling (504) 529-5844.

A musical tribute to singer songwriter and cultural icon, Joni Mitchell, Paz Fest II is also a fundraising celebration for the opening of the Ruth Paz Hospital for Burns and Pediatric Surgery in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Joining the all-star line-up are Beth Patterson, Alexis Marceaux, Ingrid Lucia, DJ G-Cue, Alex McMurray of Royal Fingerbowl, George Porter Jr. of The Meters, Ricky Sebastian, Leslie Smith, The Jesse Boyd Trio, Sharon Martin, Kristen Diablo, Alexandra Scott, Paul Sanchez, Steve Polifka of Milwaukee, Ray Ganacheau, Pat Weathers, Roman Street of Mobile, Alabama and Michael Paz. All will perform Joni Mitchell songs from her amazing catalog.

There will be a concert preview at Ogden After Hours at the Ogden Museum on Thursday, September 2, 2010 from 6-8pm. Free for members or $10 donation to non-members, benefiting the Ruth Paz Foundation. On the same night, the Ogden Museum will also host a book signing for "New Orleans: What Can't Be Lost - 88 Stories and Traditions from the Sacred City," edited by Lee Barclay, photographs by Christopher Porché West.

Named for Ruth Paz, a US native who dedicated her life to help the underprivileged children of Honduras, the Ruth Paz Hospital for Burns and Pediatric Surgery is a program of the Ruth Paz Foundation, which has been active in seeking medical treatment for children for over 30 years. "My mother was an incredible guardian for the children of Honduras and I am honored that the musicians of New Orleans would come together for this important cause," said Michael Paz.

Ten years ago a diverse group of musicians and fans gathered at the Howlin' Wolf for Paz Fest 1, a memorable night of music that raised significant funds to support the Ruth Paz Hospital for Burns and Pediatric Surgery. A CD of Paz Fest 1 was released and continues to fund this very important project. It can be purchased at Ten years later, Paz Fest II will celebrate the opening of the hospital and will be recorded for a new Paz Fest II CD.

Joni Mitchell's exquisitely crafted words and music shine in this intimate, acoustic concert performed by top New York and Nashville musicians. The show pays tribute to Mitchell, presenting Blue in its entirety, along with many favorites from other early albums including "Song To a Seagull," "Clouds," "Ladies of the Canyon," "For the Roses" and "Court and Spark." More information here.

The Lynn Skinner Quintet brings their popular Joni Mitchell Tribute to Swallow Hill Music in Denver this summer. Daniels Hall is the perfect venue for 4 decades of Joni's music, complete with contemporary arrangements and anecdotes about Joni's amazing career as a songwriter, performer, and artist. Part education, lots of laughs, and all music! More info

David Gizara, host of Thursday Night Jazz at KLCC in Eugene, Oregon will be presenting his annual "Joni Mitchell Jazz Summer Solstice Radio Special" on June 24 starting at 9 pm (Pacific time). This show features instrumental and vocal jazz covers of the music of Joni Mitchell. This year's show will feature the Joni Mitchell songs most covered by other artists. The plan is to segue together sometimes multiple versions of the top twenty covered Mitchell songs in kind of a tone poem format. Be sure and tune in on the internet!

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to announce that advance tickets can now be bought for the May 22nd CD release concert for our new album Safaris to the Heart: The Songs of Joni Mitchell.

We'll have our full 7-piece Mutts of the Planet band performing the incredible music of Joni Mitchell. If you've heard the CD already, you know that the band features amazing musicians and can really lift the roof. If you thought Joni Mitchell was a 60's folk singer, you'll be blown away by the music she wrote in subsequent decades: world music, beat poetry, jazz, pop-rock. We do it all, and we'll be shooting a video that night too so come out and help us make it a great night. If you haven't heard the CD yet, well, we just might have some copies for sale that night! And of course you can listen to tracks from it and order it from our website.

May 22nd 7.30 p.m at Tango Del Rey in San Diego.

From the North: South on Interstate 5, Exit Balboa Ave, Straight to 4th Traffic Light then left on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks.

From the South: North on Interstate 5, Exit Grand/Garnet Ave, Straight to 3rd Traffic Light then right on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks.

The room has great sound and is visually stunning. Parking is easy and plentiful. The venue holds about 160 max so we urge you to buy your tickets in advance (see below) as we usually sell out the house.

There's a full bar and you can order food (pastas, pizza, salads etc) but please note the food will only be available before the show.

Buy your tickets in advance using PayPal from ($20 advance + $1 service charge; $25 at the door)

Hope to see you May 22nd!
Robin & Dave

Wilton Library's Connecticut's Own Sunday concert series takes a slight departure from chamber music on March 21, when local vocalist Suzanne Sheridan performs "Both Sides Now," a musical tribute from 4 to 5 p.m. Ms. Sheridan, a regular performer with the Exit 43 band, appeared last June at the library's annual meeting with the band, and returns for this solo performance.

The free concert is a tribute to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. Joni Mitchell's greatest hits include "Both Sides Now," "Big Yellow Taxi," "You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio," and "Chelsea Morning." Cohen's discography includes "Suzanne," "Anthem," "Like a Bird on a Wire," and "Hallelujah." While reading the book Girls Like Us, Suzanne discovered that Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell were briefly involved in a love affair in the early '70s. Musically, at least, Suzanne has reunited them.

According to Ms. Sheridan, she is "a singer, songwriter and guitarist who loves connecting with people through music." She has won honors in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and has sung jingles for Pepsi, Hardees, Hasbro, Texaco and others. As a songwriter, she has penned "90 Pound Suburban Housewife Driving in Her SUV." She also is a guitarist, photographer, workshop leader and a resident of Westport. She performs in theaters, churches, hospitals and clubs, and her solo singing career has taken her internationally as well.

Wilton Library's Connecticut's Own concert series is free of charge. Advance registration is recommended. Pre-registrants must arrive by 3:50 p.m. to be guaranteed seating. After 3:50 p.m., and if space is available, waitlisted and walk-in registrants will be admitted. For information, directions and to register, visit or call (203) 762-3950 ext. 213. Wilton Library is located in the heart of Wilton Center, Connecticut at 137 Old Ridgefield Road. The final concert date in the series is April 25 with Larry Shiller and Olga Gurevich.

Jay Blakesberg is a San Francisco-based photographer and video director whose work appears regularly in many magazines, including Rolling Stone and Guitar Player. The March 4 event is a Los Angeles premiere exhibit and will feature over 40 images of recognizable faces from the past and present musical landscape. The range of artists featured will include Radiohead, Nirvana, Willie Nelson Jerry Garcia, Widespread Panic, U2, Joni Mitchell, Phish, Dave Matthews, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. Opened in 1998, Mr Musichead Gallery is LA's first gallery devoted to featuring a vast and unique collection of album cover art, poster art, fine art and photography that chronicles rock and roll's rich heritage. More info here.

Saturday, March 6; Joni Mitchell Tribute at Hugh's Room in Toronto, hosted by Mia Sheard. Featuring Lily Frost, Wilderness of Manitoba, Leah Salomaa, Paisley Jura & Nick Zubeck. Band: Joan Besen, Ryan Granville-Martin, Chris Gartner, Colleen Allen & Kurt Swinghammer. $22 in advance or $25 at the door.

Alberta Ballet performs Joni's The Fiddle and The Drum at UCLA's Royce Hall in Los Angeles, California. February 26 and 27.

Alberta Ballet performs Joni's The Fiddle and The Drum at the Barclay Theater in Irvine, California.

Alberta Ballet performs Joni's The Fiddle and The Drum at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington.

Jim Caruso's Cast Party is proud to present the newly-formed band, LIMBSAKIMBO in "Court And Spark," at Birdland on Sunday, January 31st at 6pm. The concert will be part of the award-winning series Broadway at Birdland. Sunday, January 31 at 6pm Broadway at Birdland 315 West 44 Street, NYC 212-581-3080

LIMBSAKIMBO follows up it's summer tribute to Marvin Gaye with an exploration and reevaluation of the poetry, intellect, and mystery of Joni Mitchell. From folk to funk, jazz to soul, Joni Mitchell has reinvented and exploded musical styles, and her work inspires Limbsakimbo to continue their pursuit of stylistic freedom and adventurous music making.

LIMBSAKIMBO is Lindsay Mendez, Michael Aarons, and Chris Fenwick, whose creative energy and musical restlessness marked their work together on the recent Broadway revival of Grease. The band will also be joined by Damien Bassman on drums, Mark Vanderpoel on bass, and Summer Boggess on cello.

Lead singer Lindsay Mendez was an original cast member of the most recent Broadway revival of Grease, playing the role of Jan. She also served as a "Mennonette" to Sherie Rene Scott in the critically acclaimed Everyday Rapture at 2nd Stage Theater this past spring. She can currently be seen as Betty Jean in The Marvelous Wonderettes at the Westside Theater.

Guitarist and arranger Michael Aarons has worked with Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow, Patti LaBelle, Paul McCartney, Luther Vandross, Michael McDonald, James Ingram, Liza Minnelli, Elton John and others. He originated the guitar chairs at Laugh Whore, High Fidelity, Grease, 9 to 5, and Memphis, where he currently plays. Michael is an arranger on the hit show, Next To Normal. As a composer, Michael's music has been featured on Lifetime, Style Network and MTV.

Pianist and arranger Chris Fenwick has musical directed productions on Broadway, off-Broadway, and across the country. He has also accompanied and conducted numerous artists in concert including Patti LuPone, Elaine Stritch and Audra McDonald. His most recent project was the world premiere of Michael John LaChiusa's Giant. Currently, he can be seen as Associate Musical Director on The Addams Family.

Nanaimo, British Columbia, January 30, 2010 at The Port Theatre.

Lichfield Arts will kick off life at their temporary home with a performance from Sally Barker. Holy Cross Hall on Chapel Lane will be the venue when she pays tribute to the songs of Joni Mitchell on January 30. Sally a popular performer in Lichfield and has appeared in the city as a member of the Poozies. She'll be joined by Glen Hughes (keyboard/dulcimer) and Debbie Cassell (banjo/vocals) for this latest performance. More info...

Victoria, British Columbia, January 27 and 28, 2010 at The Royal Theatre.

Joni's ballet will be performed 3 times during the Winter Olympics in January. Performance dates are January 22-24 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More information can be found here.

Vernon, British Columbia, January 18, 2010 at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre.

A series of paintings inspired by a 30-year-old album by Joni Mitchell is featured in a dual exhibition opening Friday at Shawn's Gate Art Gallery & Studio, 409 Main Street in Medina, New York. The show, on view through Jan. 14, 2010, features paintings by Mark Weld of Middleport and metal sculpture by Emil Smith of Medina. More information by calling the Gallery at (585) 733-2153.

Charlie Dee is touring the Netherlands with her Tribute to Joni Mitchell through December 12th in support of her new DVD. Check her website for all the details.

Sally Barker's Joni Mitchell Project will be touring the UK in November. Check out the dates on her website.

Joni Mitchell's star-maker machinery inspires a tribute
35th Anniversary Celebration of Joni Mitchell

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, November 21
Where: Concerts at the Crossing, 268 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road, Titusville
Admission: $23 at the door;

When musician Joni Mitchell released her album "Court and Spark" in 1974, she dared to do something different.

The songstress was deliberately stepping away from the folk rock niche that had gained her adoration and scores of publicity and fans.

It was time to experiment with other sounds: jazz and jazz fusion. The process paid off. she later won a Grammy award for the album for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s).

Thirty-five years later, a group of musicians in their own right are paying tribute to Mitchell's release of "Court and Spark" and her decades of inspiring music that followed the album.

Tomorrow night at Concerts at the Crossing in Titusville, singer/songwriter Maura Kennedy is leading the 35th anniversary celebration.

Joining Kennedy will be three of her favorite musical friends including Sloan Wainwright, Kelly Flint and LisaBeth (with Maggie Marshall).

A fundraising event where the entire "Blue" album will be performed by Tina Bell and other local musicians - in collaboration with The Friends of Downs View charity to raise awareness of music therapy, and raise funds so that children at the school and in the local community can continue to benefit from it. The evening will include live music, an insight into music therapy, a fund raising auction and raffle with fantastic prizes.

The organization is appealing to local businesses with strong community links to support our efforts with a donation for our auction/raffle. We would be grateful for anything you can provide – all monies raised will go directly towards funding music therapy for these children. The main performance will be Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ album, sung by Tina Bell and guest stars – so donations of blue items to continue the theme would be fantastic. All donors will be thanked and acknowledged at the event.

Find more information on their website.

Morro Bay Sings Joni - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. Singers to appear: Lindsay Tomasic, Jody Mulgrew (formally with the Johnny Starlings), Raeme Miner (formally with Resination), Allison Keller and Friends.

November 14th, 2009 at the Morro Bay Vets Hall. Food, Beer, Wine, and Drawing Tickets for sale between 5pm & 7pm. Music starts at 7pm, Tickets are $20.00 ($30.00 at the door). 100% of proceeds go to the Morro Bay Community Foundation. For Ticket info call 805.234.2980.

Raising Funds and Awareness for the Morro Bay Community Foundation, Providing Recreational Activity Scholarships for children in Morro Bay, Los Osos and Cayucos.

FOOD: Homemade soups with salad & bread (Catered by The Galley Seafood Grill and Bar)
WINE: by Clayhouse Wines
BEER: by Einhorn Beer Company
Food, wine and beer not included in price of admission.

This year's Folk Alliance Region(FAR)-West Annual Conference will be held November 6-8, 2009 in Southern California at the Hyatt Regency Irvine in Irvine, California. Steve Dulson reports that a Joni Birthday Tribute and Song Circle will be held on the 7th. Contact Steve for more information.

Happy Birthday Roberta Joan ~ A Star-Studded Joni Mitchell Tribute, will be held Saturday, November 7th at 7pm at Your Inner Vagabond in Pittsburgh, PA. In this very special homage to Joni Mitchell on her 66th birthday, a diverse array of artists (featuring Autumn Ayers, Brewer's Row, The Weathered Road, Heather Kropf, Mark Dignam, Maddie Georgi, Ruby Vere, and The Thomas Twins) will show how Joni has influenced their own songwriting by performing their original songs as well some of their favorites from Joni. Joni-philes will not want to miss a minute of this show, which starts promptly at 7pm. Doors: 6:30pm, Show: 7pm-11:30pm, $8 cover in the Back Lounge. Produced by TR Creative Services.

Joni: A tribute. Brisbane, Australia, November 4. Watch the mini documentary preview here. More infomation here.

The Canwest Cabaret Festival features the "Joni Mitchell Songbook" concert with Heather Bambrick, Suba Sankaran, David Sereda, Elizabeth Sheppard and Denzal Sinclaire. Musical Direction: Suba Sankaran. Two nights, October 29th and 31st at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts (55 Mill Street, Building 49) in Toronto. More information here.

Joni: A tribute. Sydney, Australia, 30 Oct. Watch the mini documentary preview here. More infomation here.

Mapping the Voice of Joni Mitchell: An analysis of the recorded career of Joni Mitchell graphed through the understanding of specific vocal function. Presented by Joseph Gardner. October 30th, 7pm at the Music Theater, School of Music, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

What: Christine Fagan and the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra perform new arrangements of music by Joni Mitchell and Charles Mingus
When: Friday
Where: Dominion-Chalmers United Church, 355 Cooper St., Ottawa, Canada
Tickets: $25/adults, $15/students

"Music at the Movies" presents a Joni Mitchell Tribute in Woodstock, NY at the Tinker Street Cinema featuring some of Woodstock's finest musicians and singers. October 25.

The York Jazz Festival is delighted to present in association with JAZZWA, Both Sides of Joni Mitchell. It will feature jazz and soul vocal legends, Helen Matthews and Annie Neil, along with two outstanding contemporary vocalists from WA Academy of Performing Arts, Kristen Abbott and Georgia Mooney, plus an outstanding trio line-up of musicians performing at the festival. Some of the repertoire will include Blue, Both Sides Now, Woodstock, River and Chelsea Morning.

This performance will not only focus on Mitchell's music but also images of her art, as well as a spoken narrative of the time, people and places that inspired this great artist.

More info here.

Joni: A tribute. Melbourne, Australia, October 23. Watch the mini documentary preview here. More infomation here.

Joni Mitchell Tribute Night, Friday October 16, 2009. 7 pm to ? at The Community School of Music and Arts. Located at 330 E. MLK/State Street in Ithaca, NY 14850. The performers featured are Terry Burns and Ron Kristy, Joe Gaylord, Colleen Kattau, Sue McNamara, John Simon & Tom Farrell, Linda Stout, Patti Witten... and there could be more! For more information, call 607-272-1474 or visit their website.

A special Broadway Close Up presentation, Girls Like Us is based on the bestselling book by Sheila Weller and features the music of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon. If you grew up listening to these songs, you'll love the unique interpretations of Merkin's stellar cast, which includes Liz Callaway, Barbara Walsh, Capathia Jenkins, Jessica Molaskey and Ann Hampton Callaway. Weller will read from her book and discuss the three artists, whose music influenced and reflects the women's revolution in the '60s and '70s. Come take an eye-opening tour through the stories and songs that have become ingrained in the psyche of America's soul. More information here.

"Joni Mitchell A CASE OF YOU Wine Pairing"
performed by John Kelly
Friday October 2 at 10pm
City Winery, 155 Varick Street, New York
20 Songs, 20 Wines, $55 (price includes wine pairings!)

In the latest of wine pairing City Winery continues the tradition of pairing wine with music with a very special night of Joni Mitchell songs performed live by John Kelly, each accompanied by a wine that we feel best suits the flavor and character of the music. Kelly sings and plays dulcimer and replicates Mitchell s guitar style by way of her signature open tunings; Zecca Esquibel will be joining on Keyboard for this very special night of music and wine.
Two-time Obie Award and recent Rome Prize winner John Kelly will perform a concert of 20 Joni Mitchell s songs culled from Kelly s past four concerts of Joni s work: Shiny Hot Nights , Get Up And Jive , Paved Paradise Redux , and Songs For A Shiny Hot Night: Court And Spark . But unlike those staged concert/performance works, this is a DRAG FREE concert, and the first installment of 'She Is Queen Undisputedly Of Mind Beauty (SIQUOMB): The Joni Mitchell Songbook' , an event with a more specific focus on the drama he finds--and brings to life--in her simultaneously accessible and illusive contemporary art songs.

For More Information or to Purchase tickets visit their website.

This year's JoniFest will be in the mile-high pine forest of Idyllwild, CA which sits in the mountains above the Palm Springs desert. Four days and nights of music-making, hiking, eating and drinking and lots of Joni-talk. The main event will be at The Creekstone Inn which is fully locked out for the event and additional rooms have been reserved off-campus. To attend please check out the Yahoo group created for this event and click the "add to cart" button to send a $100 per person deposit via PayPal. The balance of around $350 will be due in August. This event is hosted by Dave Blackburn and Robin Adler whose all-Joni band "Mutts of the Planet" will be performing.

Vocalist Lynn Skinner returns with her Joni Mitchell tribute. Labor Day, September 7th from 12:30-3:00 PM. Appearing at the Taste of Colorado Festival on the KBCO Stage. Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, Colorado. Free event!

Yael Naim performs a tribute to Joni Mitchell on Sept. 4, 2009 in Paris at La citè de la Musique for the "La Villette Jazz Festival". More info here in English and French.

Vocalist Lynn Skinner returns with her Joni Mitchell tribute. Thursday, August 27th from 7:00-8:30 PM. Thursday Night Live Concert Series at Performance Park in Estes Park, Colorado. Free event!

With the success of their Bob Dylan night, the Towne Crier in Pawling, New York continues their Musical Heritage series by celebrating the music of another of the most influential musicians to emerge from the 1960s folk scene, JONI MITCHELL.

Drawing from the wealth of musical talent in and around the Hudson Valley, this evening will feature collaborations by a group of some of the Hudson Valley’s finest musicians and singer-songwriters. Their intent is to expand the boundaries of the great tradition of singing songs together, and fueling the spirit.

A Tribute to Joni at Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm, Sweden with Gunilla Hedin, Efraim Olofsson, and Marcus Högquist. Check their website for more details.

National Public Radio's World Cafe with host David Dye will be broadcasting an interview with Michelle Mercer, author of the book Will You Take Me As I Am - Joni's Blue Period, Thursday, August 13th, 2009. The session will air in the 2nd hour of the show as part of World Cafe's Summer Reading Series. Find when your local station will broadcast the show and tune in. Worldwide, you can listen to the audio stream from 2-4pm EST. After Thursday, the audio will be available on the NPR website.

John Kelly Sings The Joni Mitchell Songbook: "Songs for a Shiny Hot Night" Four Nights of Peace, Love & Music: A Castle Clinton Tribute to Woodstock. August 06, 2009 at 7:00pm in Battery park, New York City. Ever since appearing as the renowned "Joni Mitchell" at the first Wigstock, John Kelly cast a spell of illusion that continues to captivate audiences. In a loving tribute, this award winning and extremely gifted performance artist will provide us with an intimate journey through songs from 'Blue' and 'Court and Spark'. Tickets will be distributed 2 per person, outside Castle Clinton on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 5:00PM on the day of the show.

Obie Award-winning performance artist John Kelly will bring his acclaimed performance piece Paved Paradise Redux: The Art of Joni Mitchell to San Francisco's Rrazz Room, July 30-August 2. For tickets, visit RRazzroom. For more information, visit John's website.

Yael Naim will be hosting a Tribute to Joni Mitchell at the Vienne Jazz Festival. Check her website for all the details.

From the jazz festival website:
"C'est un rêve que j'ai failli abandonner en cours de route", dit Yaël Naim de son dernier album, fruit de la rencontre avec le multi instrumentiste David Donatien.

Dotée d'une voix à la pureté troublante et d'un beau talent de compositrice, la chanteuse israélienne y chemine entre un folk gracile et une pop aérienne, entre ascétisme et fantaisie. Née en 1978 à Paris, Yaël a longtemps vécu à Ramat Hacharon, non loin de Tel-Aviv. "Je me souviens qu'il y avait un petit orgue à la maison sur lequel je pianotais sans arrêt. Un jour, en rentrant de l'école, j'ai trouvé un vrai piano dans ma chambre". Suivront 10 ans de conservatoire et de cours de piano classique : "je n'avais alors qu'une idée en tête : écrire des symphonies !". À 12 ans, Yaël découvre Sgt Pepper et Abbey Road des Beatles.Adolescente, elle se délecte de la soul d'Aretha Franklin. Vers 18 ans, un "flash" illumine la vie de la jeune chanteuse : Joni Mitchell. Cette musique ne la quittera jamais plus. Dans un club de jazz de Tel-Aviv, elle rencontre les musiciens de Winston Marsalis et donne quelques concerts avec eux. Yaël Naim forme son propre groupe en Israël, The AntiCollision. "Un cursus classique, mon goût pour la pop, le jazz et le folk... J'ignorais comment j'allais canaliser tout ce flot hétéroclite, mais je savais que je voulais en faire des chansons". Un concert la ramène à Paris en 2000. Quatre jours plus tard elle signe un contrat avec EMI. Le réalisateur Elie Chouraqui l'engage pour jouer Myriam dans la comédie musicale Les Dix Commandements, puis la sollicite pour la bande originale de son film Harrison's Flower. Son premier album (In A Man's Womb) est pourtant un échec. En 2004, c'est la rencontre avec David Donatien. Percussionniste d'origine antillaise, David a multiplié les contributions les plus variées, de Bernard Lavilliers à Wassis Diop ou Malia. Il est également un arrangeur et producteur remarquable. C'est David qui encouragera Yaël à défendre ses chansons en hébreu. Leur complicité est si patente qu'ils préfèrent désormais se présenter comme un groupe. Un groupe qui, entouré de musiciens de la trempe d'Eric Légnini (au piano), Stéphane Belmondo (à la trompette) ou Dré Pallemaerts (à la batterie) vient ici rendre un hommage empli de sensibilité à l'immense Joni Mitchell. Si l'on en juge par la sérénité qui se dégage de la chanteuse aux cheveux de jais, Yaël semble avoir désormais canalisé son "joli bordel intérieur" (beautiful mess inside).

Bryant Park, NYC - Noted Finger Drummer James Wood Teams With John Jeremiah Sullivan for a lunchtime performance in Bryant Park for an event marking the publication of Heavy Rotation, a collection of essays on music written by an assortment of contemporary writers.
The collection, edited by Peter Terzian and published by Harper Perennial, features an essay by Mr. Wood on the Who and one by Mr. Sullivan on early blues. It also contains a piece by Josh Ferris on Pearl Jam, Benjamin Kunkel on The Smiths, Colm Tóibín on Joni Mitchell, and 15 others.

The Acoustic Storm, a nationally-syndicated radio show airing on over 75 stations, will be featuring Joni as the spotlight artist in the 'Eye of The Storm' on June 27 and 28. More details and streaming information here.

Obie Award-winning performance artist John Kelly will present Paved Paradise Redux: The Art of Joni Mitchell, June 18-27 at the Abrons Arts Center - 466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street) in New York. The show will be produced by TWEED TheaterWorks in association with Robbi Kearns, and directed by Kevin Malony.

Kelly, who has performed the work of the Canadian singer-songwriter for many years, will evoke Mitchell's own smoky soprano as he sings songs from the various stages of her career in their original key. He also plays dulcimer and replicates Mitchell's guitar style by way of her signature open tunings.

The show's creative team includes musical director Zecca Esquibel; there will also be a video component featuring Kevin Joseph (a.k.a. Flotilla DeBarge) as journalist Tavis Smiley in a recreation of his PBS interview with Mitchell.

Fore more information, visit John's website.

David Gizara, Thursday Night Jazz host on KLCC 89.7 FM, Eugene, Oregon, will be doing his annual special radio show of Joni Mitchell songs covered by mostly jazz artists. This year's show will feature covers of Joni's "Blue" album and can be heard on Thursday, June 18th from 10pm until 1am Pacific time (that's GMT-7). Tune into the internet stream and give it a listen!

Michelle Mercer will be reading from and signing her book Will You Take Me As I Am at Northshire Books in Manchester Center, Vermont on June 13th at 7pm. Special musical guest Bryan Thomas (no stranger to the Joni Internet community) will provide the soundtrack to the book signing with a short, live set of his inimitable music after the reading. The bookstore is located at 4869 Main Street in Manchester Center. Call 802-362-2200 or 800-437-3700 for more information.

The Poozies' mainstay singer will be appearing at the Bridgwater Arts Centre presenting a Joni Mitchell tribute show on Thursday, June 11 from 8pm. Sally Barker has been compared to Joni a number of times and Big Yellow Taxi was one of the first songs she ever sang live. She will be joined on the night by Glenn Hughes, who according to the arts centre is like Sally in his musical ability to breathe within the fabric of Joni's material and give it fresh life without sacrificing the authenticity of her songs. Tickets cost £9 or £8 concessions. Call 01278 422700 for more information.

"Both Sides Now: A Joni Mitchell Musical Tribute"
Generic Theater under Chrysler Hall
215 St. Paul's Blvd
Norfolk, Virginia

Starring Cayley Waldo and Melanie Hudnall as Joni, and Saveras Anoia as Johnny Cash, "Both Sides Now: The Joni Mitchell Musical" is a musical tribute that recreates and celebrates many of Joni's memorable concert performances. Tickets are $15. More infomation here.

"Songs of Joni Mitchell" - 7 pm Sunday, May 31st, 2009.
Dizzy's @ the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center
Harbor Club Towers 2nd floor;
2nd Avenue and J Street
San Diego CA 92101

Price: $15 general admission $12 student

Featuring Robin Adler-vocals; Dave Blackburn-guitars,drums & percussion; Dave Curtis- Bass; Barnaby Finch-Keyboards

For information call 760-723-1056

The 10th Feminist Theory and Music symposium will take place on the University of North Carolina - Greensboro campus in historic Greensboro, North Carolina, from May 27-31. Those in the area won't want to miss Paper Session 7 on Saturday, May 30 from 2:00-4:30 PM. Lloyd 'Chip' Whitesell, author of the book The Music of Joni Mitchell will be giving a talk entitled The Influence of Laura Nyro on Joni Mitchell.

Here is Chip's own abstract on the talk:

While Joni Mitchell is usually sparing in her praise of her contemporaries (especially female figures), she has always spoken highly of Laura Nyro. Nyro's career was shorter-lived than Mitchell's, and awareness of the originality and importance of her music has faded. But in the late 1960s, when Mitchell was launching her recording career, Nyro was touted by critics and peers as a leading artist in the new singer-songwriter genre. Mitchell admits, "Laura exerted an influence on me. I looked to her and took some direction from her." My aim is to identify what this influence consisted of. Nyro's second and third albums (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession [1968], New York Tendaberry [1969]) will exemplify characteristics of her style. While one can point to a few specific mannerisms picked up by Mitchell, more crucial are general aesthetic directions as evident in matters of form, performance and artistic vision. Before the encounter, Mitchell tended to refine even the most painful subjects through a restrained, decorative filter. Piano-centered, Nyroesque songs first appear on Mitchell's third album, Ladies of the Canyon (1970), while Blue (1971) and For the Roses (1972) exhibit the most pervasive influence. By contrasting specific songs before and after 1969 I show how Mitchell explored a musical vein pioneered by Laura Nyro.

More info can be found at the Symposium's website.

Dave Blackburn and Robin Adler will be performing live and "unplugged" on SignOn Radio's "Fill in the Blank" program Friday, May 29th from 11:30am to 12:30pm PST. They will be playing and talking about Joni. Tune in (and call in at 888-642-2468 to comment) or catch the podcast.

The McGill University Mini-Music series will takes place every Tuesday evening from 6 to 7:30 p.m. April 28 to June 9, 2009 at the Schulich School of Music's Tanna Schulich Hall. On May 5, Prof. Lloyd Whitesell, Musicology Area, Department of Music Research, discusses the Music of Joni Mitchell. Space is limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Lloyd is the author of the book by the same name, The Music of Joni Mitchell. For more information visit the Mini Music website.

Brisbane's multiple award-winning songstress, Katie Noonan, joins Topology for a joyous, musical collaboration with a very special homage to Joni and her album Blue.
Location: Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Arts
Address: 119 Lamington Street, New Farm
More information here.

Robin Adler and Dave Blackburn present "The Songs of Joni Mitchell" on Saturday, April 18th at 7.30pm at the Fallbrook House of the Arts, 432 E. Dougherty Street in Fallbrook, California. Tickets are $20 in advance from or $25 at the door. For information call 760-723-1056.

"The Songs of Joni Mitchell" - 3-5 pm. A House concert at the Encinitas home of sculptors T.J Dixon and Jim Nelson. A lovely salon setting surrounded by fine art and sculpture. Coffee and desserts will be served.

Robin Adler-vocals; Dave Blackburn-guitars/percussion; Dave Curtis-Bass/keys/vocals; Barnaby Finch-Keyboards/vocals

Address will be sent via private email upon ticket purchase. Price: $20. Reservations required. SOLD OUT. More info

There will be a 2nd (annual??) Joni Mitchell tribute at Hugh's Room in Toronto on Saturday, March 7th, 2009. A handful of very talented local singers/artists will be performing Joni's songs. This will be the second year in a row that Hugh's Room has hosted this event. Last year it sold out quickly. They expect the same response this year.

Hosted by Mia Sheard, other performers include Layah Jane, Lori Cullen, Valery Gore, Kevin Fox, Kurt Swinghammer, Sacha Williamson, David Celia, Snowblink, Troy Feener, Joan Besen and Chris Gartner. Tickets are $22 in advance, $25 at the door. The show starts at 8:30pm. For more information, please contact Mia Sheard at by email.

SONGS ARE LIKE TATTOOS: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
Hugh's Room - 2261 Dundas Street West, Toronto (416) 531-6604

Heads up, New Yorkers! Michael Arden, most recently seen on the New York stage in the City Center Encores! production of Juno, will salute the work of Joni Mitchell in October at Joe's Pub.
Arden will perform Mitchell's "Blue" album in its entirety. The 11:30 PM concerts Oct. 28-30 will feature new arrangements penned by Todd Almond.
Joe's Pub is located within the Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street. Tickets, priced $20, are available by visiting

Attention Floridians:
WMNF Presents: You Turn me on I'm a Radio: a Tribute to Joni Mitchell
WHEN: Saturday, November 1st, 6pm-Midnight
WHAT: 14 bands/solo performers do their versions of Joni Mitchell songs
WHERE: Skipper's Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Road (at Nebraska), Tampa
COST: Tickets $12 advance/$15 door

For more information you can visit the venue website.

On August 14, 2008 at 7:30 pm Strathmore Hall (Washington DC area) presents A TRIBUTE TO JONI MITCHELL in the Music Center at Strathmore. This will be the 5th Strathmore tribute show produced by Bandhouse Gigs, showcasing an amazing array of D.C. based talent to honor an esteemed musical artist. Previous Strathmore Summer Concert Series finales have paid tribute to the music of Nils Lofgren in 2004, The Band (2005), and Neil Young (2006). All were held on the Strathmore lawn and each drew crowds in excess of 4,000. In 2007 the show moved inside to the state of the art 1,970 seat Music Center for a sold out show paying tribute to the music of Bob Dylan.

This year's Tribute to Joni Mitchell will celebrate one of the most heralded songwriters and artists in popular music. Over the course of her remarkable 40+ year career, Joni Mitchell has explored and expanded the boundaries of folk, rock, pop, and jazz, crafting classics including Both Sides Now, Woodstock, & Help Me. Joni Mitchell has recorded more than 25 albums and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. Her music continues to influence several generations of artists and fans.

Almost 50 area performers will be participating in the tribute, including popular veterans like Mary Ann Redmond, Jon Carroll, Naked Blue, and John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter) ; respected artists such as Carey Creed, Chaise Lounge, Esther Haynes, Deeme Katson, Cal Everett, One Horse Town, and Diane Rosenthal; and electrifying new talents Luke Brindley, Laura Burhenn (Georgie James), LEA, Margot MacDonald, and Chelsea Lee. Other musicians performing in the show include current Eagles guitarist Steuart Smith (who recorded with Joni Mitchell on 'Turbulent Indigo'), drummers Timm Biery and Andy Hamburger, bassists Scott Ambush (Spyro Gyra) & Scott Giambusso, guitarists Dan Hovey and Keith Grimes (Eva Cassady), saxophonists Al Williams & Wayne Sulc, conguero Cesar Vanegas, and keyboardists Bill Starks, John Hurd, and Daniel Brindley.

Bandhouse Gigs is comprised of Ronnie Newmyer, Chuck Sullivan, David Sless, and Danny Schwartz. Newmyer and Sullivan are veteran musicians, Schwartz is a musician and ace audio engineer, and Sless has spent more than 33 years coordinating and stage managing live events and mixing sound at a variety of area venues.

The tribute series began in 2004 when Strathmore and WAMA partnered to present the Washington Timeline Concert Series, a yearlong event recognizing nationally acclaimed D.C. based musicians. Newmyer and Sullivan were asked to organize a tribute concert to honor guitarist Nils Lofgren as a finale to the series. That wildly successful effort has evolved into a popular annual event that serves to showcase the diverse and richly talented music scene in the D.C. area. Strathmore, under the guidance of artistic director Shelley Brown, has collaborated with Bandhouse Gigs to put together these unique and inspiring shows that cap off each Summer Concert Series.

For more information on Bandhouse Gigs contact: Ronnie Newmyer

Good news for Joni's many fans in The Netherlands and surrounding areas...Dutch singer Charlie Dée will be touring with her band for a Joni Tribute. Check her website for dates and locations, and enjoy!

Good news for Toronto-area Joni fans! Hugh's Room proudly presents "Songs Are Like Tatoos - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell" on Saturday, February 23. Scheduled performers include Mia Sheard, Harmony Trowbridge, Kurt Swinghammer, Caitlin Hanford, Dan Goldman, Joan Besen, Paul Linklater, Chris Gartner, Ryan Granville-Martin + special guests!

Get the new year off to a Joni start! The Raymond Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida will present "Blue: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" January 2nd through the 4th. Included in the performance will be "Blue" performed in its entirety.

Passing through the Palm Springs, California area next month? The Dezart One Gallery presents Sherry Rayn Barnett's "Icons of Pop Music, Three Decades of Pop Music." The exhibit runs from November 8, 2007 to December 2, 2007. Sherry Rayn Barnett is a widely published music photographer, based in Los Angeles, who has been photographing our generation's finest musicians "in concert" for over three decades. From the early 70's to the present, Sherry has captured the essence of the live performance, spanning the world of pop, rock, jazz, folk, country and blues. Her dynamic onstage photographs & exclusive portraits have graced the covers of CD's, records, books and magazines and have featured musical legends as diverse as The Carpenters, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, James Taylor, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Bonnie Raitt, kd Lang, BB King, David Bowie and Prince at the height of their careers. This special showing includes never seen before images of pop icons from the 70's to the present, whose music has become the soundtrack of our lives. For more information, see both Sherry's website and the Dezart One website

The Skaneateles (NY) Arts Council is very honored and excited to present 'A Tribute to Joni Mitchell: A Concert by Maria De Angelis and Friends' on April 28, 2007 at the First Presbyterian Church in Skaneateles, NY. "Joni Mitchell is one of the most important figures in contemporary music of the past forty years. Her body of work as a composer, singer, painter, and poet is unparalleled, and we are so excited to perform her music in Skaneateles," Maria DeAngelis said.

DeAngelis will perform with five multi-talented musicians: Tori DeAngelis, Phil Flanigan, Karen Oberlin, Hanna Richardson and David Yaffe. Maria is a well-know NY jazz singer and songwriter who has produced four CD's of original songs. David Yaffe, who will play piano in the concert, recently interviewed Joni Mitchell for an article which appeared in The New York Times on Sunday, February 4, 2007. "Joni Mitchell is in possession of one of the most extraordinary song catalogs of the past half-century," he writes. "I couldn't agree more with Mr. Yaffe's view on the beauty and importance of Joni Mitchell's work, and I think the audience will be delighted and moved by the very respectful approach Maria DeAngelis has taken in interpreting the genius of her art song" said Joe Strodel, Jr., Arts Council president.

The Skaneateles Arts Council has partnered with the Everson Museum of Art, a leading museum in New York State designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei, on a pre-concert reception, titled Everson Museum of Art presents "Music, Martinis, and Joni Mitchell Masterpieces", to kick-off the concert. The venue for the reception will be announced in early March. A Tribute to Joni Mitchell is sponsored by; Auburn Public Theater; CNY Fertility & Healing Arts Center; Cultural Resources Council; Eagle Newspapers; Everson Museum of Art; Henry Diltz Photography, Leslie and Robert Neulander MD,, Michele Gardner Design; Robert Kiltz, MD; Skaneateles Area Chamber of Commerce; and the Skaneateles Press. Ticket information: 315-685-0552.

The Everson Museum of Art is pleased to announce a special gathering celebrating the arts, Music, Martinis and Joni Mitchell Masterpieces, to be held at the Skaneateles, New York home of Kimball and James Kraus on April 28, 2007 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Music, Martinis & Joni Mitchell Masterpieces is a gathering to celebrate the arts and the communities they impact. The event will combine the visual arts and music by serving as the pre-concert gathering for A Tribute to Joni Mitchell: A Concert by Maria De Angelis and Friends, a concert sponsored by the Skaneateles Area Arts Council. The pre-concert event will put concert-goers in the mood for a great evening with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and lively conversation in the setting of one of Skaneateles' most beautiful homes.

The Everson is pleased to partner with the Skaneateles Area Arts Council on this event, which is organized by the Skaneateles Committee for the Everson. The Skaneateles Committee for the Everson is a group of citizens dedicated to bringing the visual arts, in particular the Everson Museum of Art, to the community of Skaneateles. The committee includes: Jim and Kimball Kraus, Rick and Ann Capozza, Tim and Illysa Green, John and Kim Mezzalingua, Raz Rahman and Susie Birchenough, Jack and Stephanie Rudnick, Joseph Strodel, Jr. and Therese Verley Strodel.

Tickets are $125 per couple and $75 for individuals and include pre-concert cocktail reception, patron seating to A Tribute to Joni Mitchell: A Concert by Maria De Angelis and Friends (concert to be held at 8 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church) and a Household Membership to the Everson Museum of Art. Advance reservations are required. Space is limited; reservations are requested no later than April 13, 2007. Proceeds of the pre-concert cocktail event benefit the Everson. Contact the Everson Museum of Art (315) 474-6064 to purchase ticket packages or for more information. To purchase concert-only tickets at $20.00 each (excludes the Everson Museum's reception package), please visit

About the Everson Museum of Art

The Everson Museum of Art, whose roots extend to 1897, is internationally recognized for its extensive and significant collection of ceramics, its pioneering art video collection and its distinctive structural design by the noted architect I.M. Pei. In addition to exhibitions, the Everson presents a monthly Contemporary Film Series, regular Artists Open events and a wide variety of art education programs for adults and children.

The Everson is open to the public Tuesday - Friday and Sunday Noon - 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Admission is free with a suggested donation of $5 per person. For more information please visit Eversons's website.

About the Skaneateles Area Council for the Arts

The mission of the Arts Council is to celebrate the visual and performing arts by creating an environment where cultural activity thrives in our community.The Skaneateles Area Arts Council is a 501 C (3) not-for-profit organization. To learn more about the Arts Council, To Learn more, please visit their website.

For more information, contact:
Sarah Tiedemann, Communications Associate
Everson Museum of Art
401 Harrison Street
Syracuse, New York 13202
315-474-6064 x307

The Skaneateles Area Arts Council is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, musician, composer, author, and editor, will Emcee "A Tribute to Joni Mitchell: A Concert by Maria De Angelis and Friends" on Saturday, April 28 at 8 pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Skaneateles.

"Joni is a creative giant," said Rodgers, whose book Rock Troubadours features an in-depth conversation with Mitchell on her craft as a guitarist, composer, and lyricist. "Interviewing her and exploring her creative process was one of the high points of my life as a music journalist. Her songs resonate through so much of contemporary music. I am delighted to participate as Emcee for this tribute concert to her in Skaneateles." Rodgers was the founding editor of the international monthly magazine Acoustic Guitar and still serves the magazine as a contributing editor. He also reports on the music scene for NPR's All Things Considered, and is the author, most recently, of The Complete Singer-Songwriter.

As a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, Rodgers has scored a rock musical, performed at San Francisco clubs with the band Heavy Wood, and released a solo CD called Traveling Songs. He will also be performing his Skaneateles debut on April 21st at Creekside Books and Coffee at 7:30 pm. To learn more about Rodgers, please visit his website. To purchase concert tickets, please visit

Heads up to Joni fans in the DC area! The Institute of Musical Traditions has announced a Joni Tribute show coming up on Monday, March 19 at the Saint Mark Presbyterian Church in Rockville, MD. With a long list of confirmed and established musicians performing Joni's music it promises to be quite a show!

Those in the vicinity of Amherst, New York are in for a treat from January 11 through February 11, 2007. A poignant journey of life told through dance and the remarkable songs of Joni Mitchell, "Familiar Strangers" is a World Premiere theatrical presentation to be staged at the MusicalFare Theatre on the campus of Daemen College. You can find more information on the theater's website.

For Joni fans in the Pittsburgh, PA area - On Saturday, December 2nd, a great line-up of local and out-of-town artists will gather at the area's newest home for live music, the Make Your Mark Artspace & Coffeehouse in Point Breeze, to pay tribute to a music icon who has had a major influence on their songwriting, Joni Mitchell. The show's title, "It's Comin' on Christmas..." ~ A Joni Mitchell Tribute Concert is a reference to Mitchell's song "River" from her classic "Blue" album. Featured will be local artists Brad Yoder, Heather Kropf and Clark Slater, and making their Pittsburgh debut will be Baltimore's Joanne Juskus and a duo from New Jersey called Folk By Association.

"This show is not the typical tribute show," reports producer Maree Gallagher of TR Creative Services, "It will not be a marathon of Joni covers, but rather a showcase of each artist's originals while incorporating a few of their favorite Joni songs.Each of these artists cite Joni as a major influence on their music, and the best way to demonstrate that influence is by sharing their own works."

The Make your Mark Artspace & Coffeehouse, a cozy, non-smoking, vegetarian cafe, has been hosting live acoustic music once per month since May. Owners Hemi Braunstein and Amy Siebert, both Joni-philes themselves, are excited to host this special all ages show. "Admission is free, but tips are encouraged and go directly to the artists." remarked Braunstein. "We'll have our delicious food available by advance reservation and those over 21 are welcome to BYOB."

The concert runs from 5pm to 10pm and seating and space is limited, so Joni fans are encouraged to get there early. Starting things off will be emerging local artist Hayley, whose sound is a mix of Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Merchant, but whose writing is strongly influenced by Joni.

For more info, please contact the Make Your Mark Artspace & Coffeehouse, 412-365-2117.

Dave Blackburn and Robin Adler have a few dates planned for "The Songs of Joni Mitchell", their musical tribute to Joni. Be sure to catch them if you are in the California area!

April 1: Skye at Night, Idyllwild, CA
April 20: Hot Monkey Love Cafe, San Diego, CA 619.582.5908
June 3: House concert, Encinitas, CA 760.723.1056
November 4: Dizzys, San Diego, CA

If you're in the Encinitas, CA area - mark your calendar for 7:30 this Saturday, June 3 for "The Songs Of Joni Mitchell" - A House Concert by Dave Blackburn and Robin Adler.
Tickets $20; reservations required.

A House concert at the Encinitas home of sculptors T.J Dixon and Jim Nelson. A lovely salon setting surrounded by fine art and sculpture.

Only seating for 50 people.

Robin Adler-vocals; Dave Blackburn-guitars/percussion; Evan Stumpges-bass; Barnaby Finch-keyboards;Roger Friend-drums/percussion

Call 760-723-1056 or email for ticket info

The Storefront has announced the song list for its second production of 2006. Tales of Joni: The Storefront Sings Mitchell will be presented on Sundays, April 23rd and 30th at 7pm at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre (61 Christopher St., in the heart of New York’s West Village).

A stellar array of theatre and cabaret performers will present Mitchell’s work over the course of the two evenings.

The song list is as follows:

Ensemble – "The Circle Game"
Michael Holland – "A Strange Boy"
Sarajean Devenport – "All I Want"
Jeff Blumenkrantz – "My Old Man"
Suzanne Fiore – "A Case of You"
Baby Jane Dexter – "Be Cool"
Tim DiPasqua – "Woodstock"
Kate Pazakis – "River"
Rachel Ulanet – "California"
Nick Cearley – "Big Yellow Taxi"
Gabrielle Stravelli – "Woman of Heart & Mind"
Brandon Cutrell – "The Priest Song"
Liz McCartney – "Night Ride Home"
Jarrod Cafaro – "He Played Real Good For Free"
Ensemble – "Both Sides Now"

There is a $12 cover charge ($10 for members of MAC and Cabaret Hotline Online), as well as a two-drink minimum. Credit cards are accepted, and no one under 21 will be permitted. For reservations, please call 212.255.5438.

The Storefront announced a second song list for its second production of 2006. Tales of Joni: The Storefront Sings Mitchell was presented on Sunday, April 30th at 7pm at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre (61 Christopher St., in the heart of New York’s West Village).

The lineup of performers and songs for this performance:
Ensemble – "The Circle Game"
Michael Holland – "Conversation"
Baby Jane Dexter – "Two Grey Rooms"
Lisa Asher – "Raised on Robbery"
Tim DiPasqua – "Night in the City"
Ricky Ritzel – "Twisted"
Todd Almond & Pamela Bob – "You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio"
Karen Mack – "The Hissing of Summer Lawns"
Bobby Belfry – "California"
Brandon Cutrell – "The Priest"
Kate Pazakis – "River"
Brian Nash – "Last Time I Saw Richard"
Ensemble – "Both Sides Now"

San Francisco Joni fans have a chance to enjoy a new interpretation of her music this month when American Conservatory Theater's Young Conservatory (YC) presents Ladies of the Canyon: The Music of Joni Mitchell. In an A.C.T. press release, Creator/Director Craig Slaight says "I was drawn to Joni Mitchell by her immense skills as a musician and poet ... her music is universal, ageless, and the perfect source for dramatic interpretation." The entire program is sung, solo and in ensemble, with each of the 24 songs in the show presented as a dramatic scene.

Ladies of the Canyon: The Music of Joni Mitchell is the latest production in YC's New Plays Program, which focuses on "creating theatrical explorations of the works of contemporary composers, with the goal of creating pieces that look at the world through youthful eyes." Earlier productions have been conceived around the music of Simon and Garfunkel, as well as around the music of Bob Dylan (the Bob Dylan show was also staged at the National Theatre in London).

With musical direction by Krista Wigle and music adaptation by Naomi Sanchez, the show opens June 5 and runs through June 19 at Zeum Theater, at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. Tickets are available by calling 415.749.2228, online at the A.C.T. website, or at the door.

Coffee House, the new cabaret series presented at New York City's Daryl Roth Theatre Complex's D-Lounge, will continue Sept. 26 with an evening celebrating the music of Joni Mitchell.

Among those scheduled to interpret the tunes of the famed singer-songwriter are Lisa Asher, Brandon Cutrell, Sarajean Devenport, Baby Jane Dexter, Tim DiPasqua, Michael Holland, Karen Mack, Liz McCartney and Rachel Ulanet. Show time is 7 PM.

Phil Geoffrey Bond will direct the concert, which will feature musical direction by Ray Fellman.

Joni Mitchell's numerous songs include "Both Sides Now," "Eastern Rain," "A Case of You," "The Circle Game," "Big Yellow Taxi," "All I Want," "River" and "Chelsea Morning."

Liz McCartney starred on Broadway in Mamma Mia!, Taboo, Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera and the short-lived musical Dance of the Vampires. She also spent nearly two years in the Boston production of Nunsense, and her regional credits include Paint Your Wagon, The Rocky Horror Show and Fifty Million Frenchmen. McCartney was recently seen Off-Broadway in the musical Bingo.

The Daryl Roth Theatre is located at 101 E. 15th Street. There is a $10 cover charge and a two-drink minimum for each evening. Call (212) 375-1110, ext. 3 for reservations or e-mail

The Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg unveils Joni Mitchell: River this weekend, a new production that PTE artistic director Allen MacInnis describes as a "theatrical concert." Using 28 of Joni's songs, the imaginitively conceived segments making up the production touch a variety of subjects Joni addresses in her deft descriptions of what she's called "the arc of human relationships." MacInnis's Joni-inspired creations include "Falling in Love," "Psych Ward" and "Wisdom," in addition to other segments devoted to Joni's world view on war, big business and morality. Instead of dialogue, the actors use lyrics in solo and group performances to tell their stories. Musical arrangments for the show's songs, which include Big Yellow Taxi, Carey, A Case of You, Shadows and Light, Help Me and Woodstock, are by guitarist Greg Lowe. Joni Mitchell: River runs through February 10.

Originally founded in 1973 as the Manitoba Theatre Workshop, The Prairie Theatre Exchange teaches theatre for adults and children, and began to produce adult works in 1981; notable past productions include a production of George Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, with aboriginal actors playing the aboriginal roles.

Stumped: Joni was the subject of one of the clues (in the Grammy Award category) last night on Jeopardy! (All right, I know it's not exactly a major news flash, but things have been kind of slow lately.) The clue: "She won a Grammy in 2000 for her Both Sides Now -- we loved her in the 60s." The clueless: Contestant number one buzzed in with the question "Who is Barbra Streisand?" There's a couple hundred bucks up in smoke.

Tonight, there'll be a concert in NYC's Central Park called "Joni's Jazz." Well, it's more than a concert, it's a cultural event. Singers and musicians will be performing songs written by Joni, including a complete performance of the album Hejira! This should be quite special! The official JM.COM reporter for the show will be Patrick Leader, who will be sending in his review the morning after.

Here's what you need to know:

Thursday, July 1st (raindate, Friday, July 2nd), at Summerstage - tickets $10. - $30.

It's the Hissing of Summerstage - a Canada Day celebration of Joni Mitchell's most adventurous period as a recording artist - from Court And Spark to Mingus. Vernon Reid leads a stellar band (including percussionist Don Alias, who's worked with Joni) with a lineup of incredible guest vocalists in a one-time live performance, including the album Hejira in its entirety.

Central Park Summerstage - a special fundraiser event:

(line-up a/o 6/28/99)-

The final lineup of guest singers (not counting the unexpected) is Toshi Reagon, Dean Bowman (ex-Screaming Headless Torsos), Carl Hancock Rux, Jane Siberry, Christina Wheeler (David Byrne band), PM Dawn, Chaka Khan, Eric Andersen, Joy Askew (ex-Peter Gabriel band), Joe Jackson, Erin Hamilton (Carol Burnett's daughter / dance music star), Duncan Sheik, Holly Cole, John Kelly, and Jon Hendricks with Annie Ross.

The band is Vernon Reid - guitars, Jerome Harris - guitars (Sonny Rollins band), Matthew Garrison - bass (son of Jimmie Garrison - legendary bassist with Coltrane and Ornette Coleman), Ben Perowsky - drums, Don Alias - drums, Minu Cinelu - percussion (Pat Metheny band), Joy Askew - piano/lead& backing vocals, Brian Charette - keyboards, Leon Gruenbaum - keyboards, Ravi Coltrane - soprano sax, Don Byron - clarinet, Doug Weiselman - woodwinds (Lounge Lizards/Laurie Anderson band), Graham Haynes - cornet, Jane Scarpantoni - cello (Indigo Girls/Duncan Sheik), Christina Wheeler - lead / backing vocals, and Sheryl Marshall - backing vocals (Buster Poindexter band/Al Kooper band).