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'Joni Mitchell's Daughter' w/Delia Olam, Adelaide AU, Mar 5-19

March 06, 2017

THE music which inspires us and drives our passions in our youth often sticks with us for life, and what better way to pay tribute to a musical hero than an homage in theatre?

Delia Olam discovered the music of Joni Mitchell as a 14 year old, and the folk legend’s music was clearly the soundtrack of her formative years, now infused with nostalgia and burnished by frequent use over the years.

Her play is a celebration of Mitchell’s life and music, told sometimes from Mitchell’s perspective, sometimes through narratives examining the parallels in Olam’s own life, and vitally, in song.

The defining sentiment is gratitude and love for the legacy of Mitchell’s vast songbook, and Olam’s warmth and genuine passion for her topic provide for an engaging experience for Mitchell fans and novices alike. More info.