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Tour of North America

1972 Tour of North America
1972 Tour of Europe
1974 Tour of North America
1975 Rolling Thunder Revue
1976 Tour of the United States
1979 Tour of North America
1983 Refuge World Tour
1998 West Coast Tour of North America
1998 Fall Tour of North America
2000 Both Sides Now Tour Of North America

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Joni was accompanied by Tom Scott and the L.A. Express, who were also the opening act.

Tour details

Joni Mitchell - Piano, Guitar and Dulcimer
Tom Scott - Woodwinds and Reeds
Roger Kellaway - Piano
Larry Nash - Piano (replaces Roger Kellaway)
Robben Ford - Electric Guitar
Max Bennett - Bass
John Guerin - Drums and Percussion

Tour dates

  1974.01     Tour Rehearsals, Studio Instrument Rentals    Hollywood,  CA  

  1974.01.18   Kiel Auditorium    St. Louis,  MO  
  1974.01.19   Assembly Hall, Univ. of Illinois    Urbana-Champaign,  IL  
  1974.01.20   Athletic and Convocation Center, Notre Dame Univ.    South Bend,  IN  
  1974.01.22   Dane County Coliseum    Madison,  WI  
  1974.01.23   Auditorium Theater    Chicago,  IL  
  1974.01.25   St. Johns Arena, Ohio State Univ.    Columbus,  OH  
  1974.01.26   Hill Auditorium, Univ. of Michigan    Ann Arbor,  MI  
  1974.01.29   Constitution Hall    Washington,  DC  
  1974.01.30   Academy of Music    Philadelphia,  PA  
  1974.01.31   The Music Hall    Boston,  MA  

  1974.02.02   Woolsey Hall, Yale Univ.    New Haven,  CT  
  1974.02.03   Barton Hall, Cornell Univ.    Ithaca,  NY  

  1974.02.05   Avery Fisher Hall    New York,  NY  
  1974.02.06   Radio City Music Hall    New York,  NY  
  1974.02.07   The Music Hall    Boston,  MA  
  1974.02.09   Wilfred Laurier Univ.    Waterloo,  ON  
  1974.02.10   Massey Hall    Toronto,  ON  
  1974.02.11   Kleinhans Music Hall    Buffalo,  NY  
  1974.02.13   The Music Hall    Cleveland,  OH  
  1974.02.14   Syria Mosque    Pittsburgh,  PA  
  1974.02.16   Honolulu International Center    Honolulu,  HI  
  1974.02.28   Memorial Auditorium    Sacramento,  CA  

  1974.03.01   Berkeley Community Theatre    Berkeley,  CA  
  1974.03.02   Berkeley Community Theatre    Berkeley,  CA  
  1974.03.03   Dorothy Chandler Pavilion    Los Angeles,  CA  
  1974.03.04   Dorothy Chandler Pavilion    Los Angeles,  CA  
  1974.03.05   Anaheim Convention Center    Anaheim,  CA  
  1974.03.08   C.U. Fieldhouse, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder    Boulder,  CO  
  1974.03.09   Highland High School Auditorium    Salt Lake City,  UT  
  1974.03.11   Civic Auditorium    Portland,  OR  
  1974.03.12   Seattle Center Arena    Seattle,  WA  
  1974.03.14   Centennial Auditorium    Saskatoon,  SK  
  1974.03.23   Carolina Coliseum, Univ. of So. Carolina    Columbia,  SC  
  1974.03.24   Cameron Stadium, Duke Univ.    Durham,  NC  
  1974.03     Austin Coliseum    Austin,  TX  
  1974.03.30   Memorial Auditorium    Dallas,  TX  
  1974.03.31   Hofheinz Pavilion    Houston,  TX  
  1974.04     Grand Ole Opry House    Nashville,  TN  
  1974.04.02   Ellis Auditorium    Memphis,  TN  
  1974.04     William & Mary Hall, College of William & Mary    Williamsburg,  VA  
  1974.04.06   The Omni Coliseum    Atlanta,  GA  
  1974.04.07   Jacksonville Coliseum    Jacksonville,  FL  
  1974.04.08   Miami Civic Auditorium    Miami,  FL  


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