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1974.02.11  Kleinhans Music Hall  Buffalo, NY

» This Concert is a part of the 1974 Tour of North America and England (+ Honolulu HI).

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Polla on 2013-Jul-07 at 09:25:08 GMT-5:
In 1974, I was friends with the local promoter who brought this concert to Buffalo. I was enjoying a little local success playing music and had worshipped Ms. Mitchell's music since first hearing it at Mariposa in 1969. I was given the opportunity to go backstage between sets to see her and give her flowers. But I was so nervous, I had shredded them before I could give them to her. When she walked by I am afraid all I could do was gawk like an idiot. Later on I lived in LA and worked as a receptionist for her business management team. Whenever she was in the offices, I was mesmerized. She is a true phenom. The real thing! Truly grateful for all the times her music got me thinking or in touch or even overwhelmed with feeling.