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1974.03.31 Joni's next appearance Hofheinz Pavilion Houston, TX

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  • Ticket Stub.
  • Photo by Dale Adamson

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ksisson on

I was there, too - I was 18 and this was the first time I saw Joni. Tom Scott and the LA Express were the opening act/Joni's band. They were excellent, and Joni was brilliant, leading and weaving through the jazzy arrangements ... I remember that the song that knocked me out most was "Free Man in Paris."

silverlake on

most important concert of my young life, was 17, an avid Joni fan, I was ecstatic to see her perform live. Joni's songs were my lifeline during my teen years. For the Roses was my fave at the time. I have every album she put out before and after. It seems to me that it was an unusual arrangement of many small speakers stacked on top of each other. Wished I had saved my ticket stub! And who did she tour with, was it Grateful Dead? My memory is failing me, is there somewhere I can find out who was playing this date in Houston with her, it is a mystery that has been plaguing me for years. Joni has saved my life with her music, if not in the least my mental health, especially as a teenager in the late 60's, 70's. THANK-YOU JONI, I have enjoyed and appreciated your evolution!!(I come from a long line of southern californian's, I was stuck in Houston that year, spending my senior year of high school there. Two months after this concert, I graduated and was back in my beloved socal, living a crazy hippie life for a little while).P.S. Yes, I agree with Joni about her aging voice, I love it., if she sounded exactly the same as her youthful voice, it wouldn't be natural.

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