Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1974.01.30  Academy of Music  Philadelphia, PA

» This Concert is a part of the 1974 Tour of North America and England (+ Honolulu HI).

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jurasicfred on 2010-Sep-09 at 19:03:20 GMT-5:
The Academy of Music is the perfect hall for the impeccable musical perfection that is Joni Mitchell. With Tom Scott and the LA Express, Joni held us spellbound with a journey through time. Though most of the material was from Court and Spark, every period of her career was beautifully represented. I particularly enjoyed her solo performances on piano and dulcimer. A Case of You is the song I remember best from that night so long ago. To this day that song takes me back to that night when my first wife and I were still young and innocent enough to be simply in love. Thank you Joni.
Ellie on 2010-Mar-06 at 15:13:46 GMT-5:
I was such a huge fan of Joni's dating to 1971. I bought Blue and Court and Spark and knew every song
(more than any other songs enjoyed in my life) .... this concert was my first and only Joni concert. It was magical. The Academy of Music was such a beautiful intimate setting, I believe she wore a long green velvet dress.
Played with Tom Scott and the LA Express, she seemed so happy, every song perfect. Played the dulcimer
(Sitting in a Park in Paris, France) and I enjoyed every second. A dream come true. I would give anything to see her again.