Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1974.03.24  Cameron Stadium, Duke Univ.  Durham, NC

» This Concert is a part of the 1974 Summer Tour of North America.

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Photo by Ric Carter
Photo by Ric Carter
Photo by Ric Carter
Photo by Ric Carter
Photo by Ric Carter
Photo by Ric Carter
I sent this picture to Wally a couple of years ago...A friened of mine found it at a Street Fair in Chapel Hill N.C. after she played at Cameron Stadium.Don't know why wally never posted it. She's so Beautiful here. [wumple]

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wumple on 2013-Apr-04 at 17:10:30 GMT-5:
I was introduced to Joni through a friend in Drama class 1971 who Loaned me Blue. I was chomping at the bit to see her live. I had the opportunity to Attend this concert courtesy two Good friends. I told my friend Laine Barton if she came out in Blue Dress I would faint... she did and I did. It was the greatest Concert of my life.I haven't been the same since.I wouldn't change a thing.
jschumacher on 2013-Mar-17 at 19:39:03 GMT-5:
Though not the complete set, I have the list as: "1. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio, 2. Free Man In Paris, 3. The Same Situation, 4. Just Like This Train, 5. Rainy Night House, 6. Woodstock, 7. Big Yellow Taxi, 8. People's Parties, 9. All I Want, 10. A Case Of You, 11. For The Roses, 12. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire"GFS
steveallred on 2011-Aug-25 at 17:44:23 GMT-5:
I was there when you handed the roses to Joni. It was just outside Cameron and she had just stepped out of the car. This was my first date with a beautiful girl I had met in class that semester at UNC Chapel Hill. That beautiful girl is now my beautiful wife, and we will celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary next month!
wkh13 on 2010-Aug-28 at 05:35:00 GMT-5:
This concert was a surreal experience for me. Having been a rabid Joni fan for several years...I was thrilled that I was finally getting the chance to see her. The whole concert experience was top notch, Joni and the LA Express were in rare form. Getting to meet Joni before the concert and present her with a dozen roses was truely the high point of the event. (When she kissed me on the cheek I was weak in the knees!) The concert itself was more than I could have hoped for, she is one of the few artist I've seen who sounded exactly like her albums. Seeing her again after the concert was just icing on the cake. What a treat this was for a nineteen year old kid navigating life!
boblink on 2010-Feb-10 at 12:39:44 GMT-5:
Best concert I've ever been too and been to many. Tom Scott and the LA Express opened for and then backed up Joni. Electricity abounded! Her antennae were way up! ~ BL