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1974.03.23 Joni's next appearance Carolina Coliseum, Univ. of So. Carolina Columbia, SC

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rb1953 on

We walked to the Coliseum. We walked everywhere then. The venue was only about 50% sold out though a good and enthusiastic crowd. Word had spread that several of our friends had met her in her hotel the night before. The songs were spot on throughout the concert, Joni's voice perfect. She was doing more jazz than on her earlier albums and improvised back and forth with Tom Scott on the sax. That was a special interaction. False memories are as powerful as real memories but my mind's eye sees her in a long blue gown, very sophisticated, in the first half of the concert. There was a break and Joni came back out in blue jeans. I remember that I thought she was the most beautiful person I'd every seen. There was at least one encore. Cries of "We love you Joni". She asked for the house lights to be turned up during the encore but that didn't happen for whatever reason. 40 years ago.   [ed.]

mws47 on

My job had taken me from Austin, TX to Columbia, SC - a very hard change - socially and culturally. Music was the only thing that allowed me to enjoy my 18 months there. Seeing Joni and the LA Express was very special. I had seats on 4th row center, about the best I have ever had for a concert. Joni seemed to really enjoy "dancin with the band". She played all of Court and Spark and many more. A great concert that put some sanity in an insane place.

ohmysol99 on

So long ago and far away! I was there in the darkness listening to the magic. I owned three albums and two were Joni's. Played them daily in my dorm room. I was in love with every word and cord. And finally, there she was on stage and it was magic. I floated out of the venue (for numerous reasons). We were to meet up with friends at their house and we waited and waited. They came home finally and said "WE bumped into Joni and she invited us to join her after the concert." They met her - I misssed her- maybe that is why I recall it all so vividly. Great disappointment breeds great memories- Hail to the Queen!   [ed.]

ehitchcock on

This was so long ago I wondered if I dreamed being there until I saw it listed in the Chronology. I was a college freshman. The venue was a basketball stadium at the University of South Carolina, but the stage was set-up on the side and it was a very intimate setting. I remember Joni on stage with the piano and guitar. A very special evening.