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Fall Tour of North America

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1998 Fall Tour of North America
2000 Both Sides Now Tour Of North America

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Tour details

Joni Mitchell - Guitar
Greg Leisz - Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar
Chris Boti - Trumpet
Larry Klein - Bass
Brian Blade - Drums

Tour dates

  1998.10.23   Target Center    Minneapolis,  MN  
  1998.10.25   United Center    Chicago,  IL  
  1998.10.26   Market Square Arena    Indianapolis,  IN  
  1998.10.28   The Palace of Auburn Hills    Auburn Hills,  MI  
  1998.10.29   Maple Leaf Gardens    Toronto,  ON  
  1998.10.30   Corel Center    Kanata,  ON  

  1998.11.01   Madison Square Garden    New York,  NY  
  1998.11.02   The War Memorial at Oncenter    Syracuse,  NY  
  1998.11.03   Blue Cross Arena    Rochester,  NY  
  1998.11.05   Cole Fieldhouse, Univ. of Maryland    College Park,  MD  
  1998.11.07   Alexander Memorial Coliseum, Georgia Tech    Atlanta,  GA  


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