Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1974.04.08  Miami Civic Auditorium  Miami, FL

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The first time I saw Joni..I was 17 years old and I adored her as I still do.I could not get enough of her minor chords! One thing that stood out was I sat close to a young woman breast-feeding her baby.Her baby never cried.4/8/74

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jschumacher on 2013-Mar-17 at 19:11:58 GMT-5:
the set was: "1. This Flight Tonight, 2. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio, 3. Free Man In Paris, 4. The Same Situation, 5. Just Like This Train, 6. Rainy Night House, 7. Woodstock, 8. Big Yellow Taxi, 9. People's Parties, 10. All I Want, 11. A Case of You, 12. For The Roses, 13. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire, 14. Blue, 15. For Free, 16. Trouble Child, 17. Help Me, 18. Car On A Hill, 19. Both Sides Now, 20. Raised On Robbery, 21. Last Time I Saw Richard, 22. Twisted"GFS
Scruffy on 2010-Feb-09 at 13:59:32 GMT-5:
Living in Orlando I decided to see Joni in Jacksonville. We had as many wild-eyed hippies as could fit in Sue's Volvo. At the concert we were spellbound. I couldn't believe so much music was coming out of one person. We sang with Joni when she asked us to and sang a little softer when she didn't -- But on the way back to Orlando we sang our asses off! Thanks, so much for that.
florbea on 2009-Jun-19 at 09:17:31 GMT-5:
I had just started learning to play the dulcimer. I brought it to the beach and practiced for hours and hours. Finally my friend Mary and I found out Joni was going to be in Miami. We bought tickets, and waited. As it turned out, I got my drivers license the week before the concert. I was delighted to be able to drive, instead of taking the bus. The concert was amazing. Mary and I loved it. When we finally found the car, after the concert was over, I had a parking ticket on it. I had to tell my dad, and he wouldn't let me use the car for a while. Mary and I didn't care. The concert was worth it. Somewhere in my attic, I have the ticket stub from the concert, AND the parking ticket I got that night.