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1974.04.20 Joni's next appearance New Victoria Theatre London, England

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  • Photo by Michael Putland

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oggydurr on

My first Joni concert, I had the good fortune to see her at Wembley Stadium and in later years Birmingham but that first concert experience was unforgettable. Her voice was incredible, magical everyone in that concert hall experienced something so special. She touched souls that night for sure.

antpitta on

With Tom Scott and The LA Express,featuring songs from 'Court And Spark'. The band were so tight and Joni was exceptional as only she can be.A wonderful concert.The atmosphere in the hall was electric.

michaelfromscottishmountains on

I was a 21-year-old student at the time and enchanted by Joni. I travelled to London on my own and went to see at least two if not all three of these concerts. On the first night, I remember artists such as Kiki Dee and Rod Stewart were sitting in the stalls not far from my own seat. Afterwards, I waited for her at the stage door and watched as another admirer handed her flowers. Later, I wrote about the concert for a student newspaper. The music,of course, was sublime. I already knew her voice was magical. Seeing her in concert made me realise no one else plays the guitar quite like Joni.

agon on

This was my first experience of joni in the flesh.Wow! was she worth the wait.

She seemed to glide onto the stage, I can remember the sensation of goose bumps all over. She looked far more beautiful than any image i'd seen of her before ( I was 19 ) If I recollect correctly,her first song that evening was 'You turn me on i'm a radio'. NOW(2010), my memory has been refreshed after reading one of the articals of that time. it was in fact;'THIS FLITE TONITE'. Y.T.M.O.I.A.R. must have been the second song performed that night.

She chatted to us about her home in canada, where she had decided to make it more minimalist.Her other house in California had been 'too distracting'as she put it."people would come in and start a conversation but their eyes would wander and they would break off from the point and ask", "where did that come from"? and oooh thats cool etc. Joni has been a tremendous bonus to my life,So damned creative. Strangely my wife shares the same birth date, (but not the year.) I could go on about Joni all morning, but won't.

I look forward to reading further comments. best wishes to you all, Agon.