Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1974.02.16  Honolulu International Center  Honolulu, HI

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Photo by Robert Knight. [Siquomb]

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ireland52 on 2012-Nov-24 at 12:04:19 GMT-5:
I was at the HIC that night and remember very clearly someone yelling, "we love you," and her reply. Still one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and I have been to quite a few.
jonthebru on 2012-Jun-16 at 13:47:15 GMT-5:
I was a UH student, had great tickets maybe 10 rows back in the center. I really wanted to say hi to Joni and waited carefully for the moment. My date and everyone around had no idea. At one point the opportunity presented itself as her guitar was being exchanged, the audience was calm and quiet; there was a very short lull as I leaned my head back and yelled as loudly as I could toward the ceiling: "Aloha Joni, We Love You." The audience roared in agreement and as she settled down with her guitar she said "Thank you." My date was shocked, that I remember. True story.
Michelegrgasthomas on 2009-Jul-16 at 00:35:41 GMT-5:
I didn't have a great seat, and the house was full, but the sound was excellent. She told a great story about the rustling of the arbutus...it ended so late we missed the last bus home, and had to walk several miles...I was 24 and in grad school...