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1974.03.05  Anaheim Convention Center  Anaheim, CA

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Ad from the Los Angeles Times
Photo by Gary Morgan
Photo by Gary Morgan
Unused Concert Ticket.
Photo by Gary Morgan.

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xpinfinity on 2009-Nov-24 at 00:07:06 GMT-5:
I was at this concert too. What pdxtrillium said is true, the song changes were so cool. She played the piano and guitar and sang like an angel.

I remember being so close (had gotten really good seats) and that she was again, just amazing!

Love you Joni!
pdxtrillium on 2009-Jun-01 at 21:45:20 GMT-5:
Wow - this is a great site - I had forgotten the exact date but never the one and only time I was able to see Joni in person. Tom Scott and the LA Express were icing on the cake.

Myself and three friends drove all the way from San Diego to Anaheim - we had planned it for months in advance.

I also learned more about the arbutus trees in general, and also as they relate to the sound of applause.

I still get shivers when I recall how Joni sauntered out during a Tom Scott jazz tune that morphed into one of her songs. It was a perfect evening and thanks to this site I have some facts about it.

Joni is so good at narrating life so we see/listen/feel more clearly. A life long narration for all of us. Thanks Joni.