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1974.03 Joni's next appearance Austin Coliseum Austin, TX

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swat676699 on

I attended this concert when I was a junior fine arts major at the University of Texas. Joni's music spoke to my heart and was a great comfort after breaking up with my first serious boyfriend. However, the evening quickly turned disasterous. We had open seating and as I sat on the floor, someone knocked over their coke and it spilled all over the seat of my dress. Also, I did not have a car at the time. A friend dropped me off at the concert and picked me up. We just guessed beforehand at the time the concert would end and hoped it would be long enough for the concert to finish. Unfortunately, by the time the opening band performed and Joni took the stage, I only saw Joni perform four or five songs. Then it was time to for my friend to arrive. I was broken hearted that I could not stay, but I have always been grateful that I got to see her those few minutes. This was my first and only opportunity to see Joni live. I have often thought that if we had cell phones in that era it would have been so easy to call my friend and tell her to come later to pick me up. I still love Joni's music throughout all of its evolutions. She is incredible!

bwhitmer26 on

I was playing harmonica and singing with Doak Snead in Austin at the time. I didn't have the price of a ticket, but I went to the coliseum anyway, hoping to find a way in. I was sitting on a car in the parking lot when Joni's limo passed, and I saw her look my way. I never did get in, but I never forgot that moment, either. Funny.

allenn on

The only time I got to see Joni in concert is not listed here, and I'm not at all sure of the date, but I drove my 53 Chevy to see her in Albuquerque, at the Johnson Gym on the UNM campus. I'm pretty sure it was in 1974, but like most of us, if your remember the '70s, you weren't there. Maybe she wants to forget about that show, but I do not. She came out in jeans and work shirt for the first set, and though the accoustics of the gym were not good, she sounded marvelous. When she came back out after the intermission, she wore a marvelous dark blue long dress, and I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me. It never would have happened, but the desire was there. Tom Scott and the L.A. Express backed her, and I got the idea, somehow, that she and Tom were communicating on more than a musical level, but the sound was terrific, considering the setting. I floated home after the concert, driving my '53 Chevy pickup in a daze of pot and Joni's music.

ottomarcos on

On this tour, Joni was promoting the Court & Spark album, which had been released in January. Being the first of 3 occasions where I got to see Joni in concert in Austin, this was a terrific show, with Joni & the LA Express at their very best. There was open floor seating, and bleacher seating along the sides and back of the venue. Unfortunately, the old Austin City Coliseum provided a low point of the show. As Joni was performing her solo set, there was an annoying pounding noise coming from the bleachers to the left of the stage. Joni interrupted her set to ask the person who was making the noise to cut it out, since it was very distracting. The rest of us applauded, but people sitting in that bleacher area shouted to Joni that it was the hot water pipes running behind the bleachers which were making the offending noise. Upon hearing this, Joni and the audience laughed, and Joni resumed her wonderful set, attempting to ignore the distraction as much as possible. As was typical at Joni's concerts in those days, numerous audience members brought roses to pass up to the stage for Joni. I remember one of the friends with whom I went commenting that Joni must be getting sick of the roses.

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