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1974.03.11 Joni's next appearance Civic Auditorium Portland, OR

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Maridsel on

I too went to this concert in Portland OR. My first and the first time seeing her in person. I have every album.

RRW on

This was the first time I saw Joni. I had become acquainted with her music on KINK FM, and had recently bought "Court and Spark". I invited three friends to join me, and we were not prepared for this incredible concert. Can an evening of music change your life? Yes. I soon owned every album and her songs became part of my life. All these years later I can still see her performing with Tom Scott (the LA Express played brilliantly), creating lush new versions of "Woodstock" and "Carey". She played every song from "Court and Spark" and performed many of her best known songs solo. The crowd was adoring, and she shared many stories and comments. It was a great night--and no concert in the following years came close to the satisfaction of that night.