A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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A Chronology of Appearances by year

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  • 1974.03.29 Austin Coliseum, Austin

    I attended this concert and Joni was beautiful throughout. The LA Express were hot at the time...gr...

  • 1979.09.09 Santa Barbara County Bowl, Santa Barbara

    Joni Mitchell - Santa Barbara County Bowl, September 9, 1979
    I was fortunate to work in the...

  • 1974.09.14 Wembley Stadium, London

    I remember the whole concert and the very hot day. I was staying in a youth club (courtesy of a yout...

  • 1973.08.12 The Corral Club, Topanga

    So, I was there with friends. Went down on the 11th, huge line! Knew people near the front so just b...

  • 1972.05.19 Sounds For Saturday, BBC 2 TV, London

    I don't think these photos are from Sounds for Saturday. My memory tells me the set was brightly li...

  • 1968.04.07 The Generation Club, New York

    i wasn't at this show, as i was away at college. this was at the generation club which was a very sh...

  • 1969.07.07 Mississippi River Festival, Southern Illinois Univ., Edwardsville

    Joni's set appeared as a bootleg LP called "Lennie and Dom Songs (Early On)" on various labels (Korn...

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  • Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio
  • Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio
  • Whiting Auditorium, Flint
  • Kiel Opera House, St. Louis
  • Dane County Coliseum, Madison
  • The Mama Cass Television Program, ABC TV, Los Angeles