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  1996.02.19   Pamela Wallin Live—CBC TV Bel Air,  CA  
Joni was interviewed by Pamela Wallin.

  1996.02.27   Hard Rock Cafe Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni was presented with the Orville H. Gibson Award for
best Female Acoustic Guitar Player. Other awards were
presented to Eddie Van Halen and Emmylou Harris.

  1996.02.28   38th Annual Grammy Awards—Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni and co-producer Larry Klein received the ‘"Best Pop
Album’" Grammy for the album Turbulent Indigo. Joni and
art director Robbie Cavolina shared a Grammy for ‘Best
Recording Package.’

  1996.05.04   Interview—Channel 2 TV Stockholm,  Sweden  
Joni was interviewed by Bjorn Carlgren.

  1996.05.06   Mixiland Stockholm,  Sweden  
Sveriges Radio P2 broadcast a one-hour musical tribute to Joni.

  1996.05.07   Press Conference Stockholm,  Sweden  
Joni and Pierre Boulez, co-recipients of
Sweden’s Polar Prize, were interviewed.

  1996.05.08   Berwaldhallen Hall Stockholm,  Sweden  
The Polar Prize award and a prize of one million Swedish kronor
were presented to Joni by the King of Sweden. The ceremony
was broadcast live on Swedish radio and later shown on TV.

  1996.10     Vicki Gabereau Show—CBC Radio Vancouver,  BC  
Broadcast on Oct. 9 and 10

  1996.10.14   Environmental Media Awards—The Beverly Hilton Hotel Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni was the special musical guest at the sixth annual
Environmental Media Awards ceremony.

  1996.10.18   Words + Music – Joni Mitchell & Morrissey Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni was interviewed by Morrissey. An edited version was
released to radio stations on a promotional CD by Reprise
Records to promote her new releases Hits and Misses.

  1996.11.01   Rideau Hall Ottawa,  ON  
Joni received The Governor-General's Performing Arts Award,
given "“to celebrate Canadian performers who have enriched our
lives while they pursued their dreams.”"

  1996.11.02   National Arts Centre Ottawa,  ON  
Joni and other recipients of The Governor-General's Performing
Arts Award were celebrated at a tribute gala televised later by
the English and French networks of CBC/Radio-Canada.

  1996.11.04   The Late Show with David Letterman—CBS TV New York,  NY  

  1996.11.07   CBS This Morning—CBS TV New York,  NY  
Joni was interviewed by Mark McEwen.
Broadcast on Nov. 8

  1996.11.08   The Rosie O'Donnell Show—NBC Television Studio New York,  NY  
A syndicated U.S. TV talk and entertainment program.
Joni was interviewed and performed one song.
Broadcast on Nov. 29

  1996.12.11   Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel Los Angeles,  CA  
Joni, Smokey Robinson and Lieber & Stoller were presented
with Lifetime Achievement Awards from the National Academy
of Songwriters. Joni also performed four songs accompanied
by drummer Brian Blade and bassist Daryl Johnson.

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