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Chronology by Year - 1993

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  1993.02.14   Sheraton Hotel New Orleans,  LA  
Joni appeared at a benefit concert sponsored by N.O.A.A.H.H.,
The New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness.
She was accompanied by Jimmy Buffett's band.

  1993.05.23   Canada Council for the Arts Saskatoon,  SK  
Joni spoke at the annual conference of the Canada Council for
The Arts whose self-described goal was to “"make van Goghs”"
out of Canadian arts students. With characteristic candor,
Mitchell told the group, “"A lot of great art comes out of mental
disturbance. How are you gonna teach that?"”

  1993.06.05   Troubadours of Folk—Drake Stadium, UCLA Westwood,  CA  
Joni, in her first solo concert in twenty-one years, headlined a
show that featured Judy Collins, Arlo Guthrie, Jefferson Starship,
Roger McGuinn, John Prine, Eric Andersen and others. One of
her songs was later broadcast nationwide on the PBS program
Troubadours Of Folk but was not included on the commercially
released videotape and laserdisc of the same name.

  1993.07.12   Beverly Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills,  CA  
Joni appeared at Milton Berle's eighty-sixth birthday
party celebration and performed one song.

  1993.11.14   The Willows (Golf & Country Club) Saskatoon,  SK  
Joni received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the
Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association. After
the presentation Joni gave an hour-long interview and
performed a new song.

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