A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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A Chronology of Appearances by year - 1970

(Unconfirmed information is highlighted)

  • 1970.01   Reprise Records Reception London, England

    Joni's record company held a reception shortly after her
    arrival in England for the upcoming Festival Hall concert.
    Joni was also interviewed by Caroline Boucher.

  • 1970.01.17 Royal Festival Hall London, England

  • 1970.01.29 This Is Tom Jones!—Elstree TV Studios London, England

    Broadcast by ABC-TV in the U.S. and ITV in the U.K.

  • 1970.03.11 12th Annual Grammy Awards—Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles, CA

    Joni received a Grammy for ‘Best Folk Performance’
    for the Clouds album.

  • 1970.05.16 Strawberry Mountain Fair Mission, BC

    Joni attended. At some point she performed a few
    songs for a small group of about 20 people.

  • 1970.07.28 Mariposa Folk Festival—Centre Island Toronto, ON

    Other performers included David Rea and James Taylor

  • 1970.08.29 Isle of Wight Festival—East Afton Farm Isle Of Wight, GodshilleEngland

    Several selections from Joni’s performance were
    released on videotape, laserdisc and DVD.

  • 1970.09.03 BBC Television Centre London, England

    Joni was featured on guitar, piano and dulcimer.
    This program, the premier show of the BBC In Concert
    series, was broadcast on Oct. 9, 1970 and May 17, 1971.

  • 1970.09   A Spanish Restaurant Nashville, TN

    Joni, Dennis Hopper, Michele Phillips, and Micky Newbury
    joined Johnny Cash for a late night of food, fun, and music
    after the season's first taping of The Johnny Cash Show.

  • 1970.10.07 The Johnny Cash Show—ABC TV, Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN

    Broadcast date.

  • 1970.10.09 Joni Mitchell - In Concert London, England

    This program was subtitled Joni Mitchell Sings Joni Mitchell.
    Joni was featured on guitar, piano and dulcimer in the premier
    episode of the BBC In Concert series.

  • 1970.10.16 Greenpeace Benefit Concert—Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC

    Joni Mitchell, Phil Ochs, and the BC band Chilliwack performed at
    a benefit concert for the Don't Make A Wave Committee, which
    raised $17,000 for Greenpeace. James Taylor also appeared
    as Joni's surprise guest.

  • 1970.10.18 Gentle On My Mind—KCOP-TV Los Angeles, CA

    Described as a ‘rock-folk’ TV Special, this program featured
    John Hartford, Pete Seeger and Joni. The full program title
    was Hartford, Mitchell & Seeger - Gentle On Your Mind.

  • 1970.10.29 In Concert—BBC Radio 1, Paris Theatre London, England

    James Taylor also appeared, accompanying Joni on several
    songs. The program was broadcast on Dec. 27 and 30.

  • 1970.11.07 Dillon Gymnasium, Princeton Univ. Princeton, NJ

    Joni appeared for the encore during a James Taylor concert
    and sang “You Can Close Your Eyes” with James.

  • 1970.11.13 Fillmore East New York, NY

    Joni Mitchell sat in with the Mothers of Invention, sang
    on several songs, and recited her poem Penelope.

  • 1970.11.21 Royal Festival Hall London, England

  • 1970.12.19 Queens College Flushing, NY

    Joni was the surprise guest at a James Taylor concert.