A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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A Chronology of Appearances by year - 2003

(Unconfirmed information is highlighted)

  • 2003.01.09 Sotheby’s Auction House New York, NY

    Joni presented Graham Nash with the Alfred Stieglitz Award
    for Creative Amateur Photography
    during Aperture Magazine’s
    50th Anniversary Golden Gala.

  • 2003.01   Unknown Location New York, NY

    Joni was interviewed by filmmaker Murray Lerner for the
    Miles Electric: A Different Kind Of Blue

  • 2003.04.02 Joni Mitchell - A Life Story: WOMAN OF HEART AND MIND New York, NY

    One of the great talents of her or anyone else's generation gets the
    royal treatment with this superb two-hour (with bonus material)

    It's all here (via interviews, including conversations past and present
    with Mitchell herself, photos, generous helpings of concert footage,
    and more): her Saskatchewan childhood, her painting, her reunion
    with the daughter she had left behind at age 19... and, of course,
    her music, the songs, recordings, and performances, so intensely
    personal yet so universally accessible, that comprise one of the
    most extraordinarily original and significant (if not always wildly
    popular) bodies of work any artist has ever produced.

  • 2003.11.07 Ruby Lake Resort Madeira Park, BC

    Joni celebrated her 60th birthday at a small gathering of family
    and friends. Late in the evening she joined the band for an
    impromptu rendition of "“Love Potion No. 9.”"