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Chronology by Year - 1989

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  1989.03     Spirit Of The Forest—RCA Studios New York,  NY  
Recording session for the song "“Spirit Of The Forest"
included on Earthrise– - The Rainforest Video and also
released on 7”, 12” and CD singles in the UK.

  1989.05     Quintessential Covina Covina,  CA  
Joni was interviewed by Jeff Plummer for a 'Local Access'
Cable TV program.

  1989.06.03   Our Common Future—Avery Fisher Hall New York,  NY  
A five-hour, live global telecast, featuring international celebrities
and dignitaries, intended to create awareness of environmental
issues and to urge universal cooperation in solving ecological
problems. Broadcast primarily from Avery Fisher Hall,
Lincoln Center, in New York City, the telecast was relayed
to over 100 countries. The program interspersed musical
performances from New York, the Soviet Union, England,
Australia, Poland, Norway and Brazil with taped pro-environmental
messages from world leaders. Joni performed with Herbie
Hancock, Larry Klein, Wayne Shorter, Andy Summers and Omar Hakim.

  1989.09.08   Pan American Indian Art Show—Pasadena Center Pasadena,  CA  
Joni and Ali McGraw participated in the opening ceremony.

  1989.09.18   The Ghost Of Faffner Hall—HBO Newcastle,  England  
A thirteen-part weekly series combining music education
and puppetry. The series explores the world of music and
illustrates the fundamental concepts of music education.
Guest performances by a variety of international musical stars
are featured, along with a whole new cast of Muppet characters,
including Fughetta Faffner, a ghost with a love of music.
The HBO series, produced by Jim Henson, featured
Joni's lip-synched performance of "Night Ride Home"

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