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1989.09.18  The Ghost Of Faffner Hall—HBO  Newcastle, England

A thirteen-part weekly series combining music education
and puppetry. The series explores the world of music and
illustrates the fundamental concepts of music education.
Guest performances by a variety of international musical stars
are featured, along with a whole new cast of Muppet characters,
including Fughetta Faffner, a ghost with a love of music.
The HBO series, produced by Jim Henson, featured
Joni's lip-synched performance of "Night Ride Home"
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Joni appeared in the second episode, Delighting in Sounds, and it's revealed that she once dated The Wild Impresario. [Siquomb]
Joni and The Wild Impresario take their night ride in a Cadillac by moonlight.
Night Ride Home
Joni singing Night Ride Home.
She sounded wonderful. Magnificent!
Her name was Joni. Joni Mitchell.

- The Wild Impresario

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