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1972.02.16 Joni's next appearance Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA

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david poleski on

I had been waiting since 1968, when a friend sent me some of his 'covers' of Jackson Browne songs, for JB to release an album and, when he finally did, to tour. I was fortunate enough to be in the audience for this, his first national tour opening for Joni and this, the first stop on that tour. A few songs into his set I called out requesting 'these days' which he hadn't yet recorded. He stopped in the middle of putting a capo on his guitar, stared out into the audience and said 'wow, that's really weird 'cause that was the song I was just going to play'. Since I had been treated to the concert by a woman who knew Joni, we rode on the elevator with both of them up to their dressing room after the show and while my date spent the evening talking with Joni, I spent my time attempting to express my ineffable gratitude to Jackson for his incredible and finely crafted songs and how I came to know about 'these days'. I only regret not having a camera with me at the time.

tclaypoole on

My brother and I saw Joni at the Paramount....he was 16, I was 15 and completely in love with her. The show opened with a very young Jackson Browne, but all I wanted was Joni.

stevewinn on

This concert was one of those seminal moments when as a fan you're afforded that rare opportunity to discover an up-and-coming artist opening for the headliner, and yet each complemented the other perfectly.

After an extensive career in the music business, attending hundreds of concerts and backstage meet-and-greets, it's easy to become jaded, but having Jackson and Joni on the same bill still has an indelible impact after all these years.