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1974.07.28 Joni's next appearance Civic Arena St. Paul , MN

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jeanzoss on

this was my very first concert, i was 13 and my older brother (who is a huge fan and had been to the troubadour the year before) took me as his guest...it was a defining moment in my life and i have been a fan ever since...there is no one like ms. mitchell...i thank you for sharing your incredible gift and for inspiring the rest of us who create some kind of art to carry on...

smcatee on

It was a very muggy Mpls evening. My friends had great tickets, but I chose to buy a "cheap" seat, (Joni had moved on beyond the "Boho Zone"). During her solo set w/o the LA Express, I recall her scolding us about the Van Gogh visual artists vs pop artists as recorded on her "MoA" live lp. Chastised,the place went uncomfortably silent. Anticipating her next song while she tuned her guitar, the a/c behind my head let out a rude "Hssssssssss"!!! She looked up to were I was sitting and replied, "Hssssssss, to you too"! The crowd roared, broke the silence and the concert lives on in my memory. Thank-you Joni!!