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1968.09.28 Joni's next appearance Festival Of Contemporary Song—Royal Festival Hall London, England

Joni appeared along with headliners Fairport Convention.
Jackson C. Frank and Al Stewart also performed.

Concert program.

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Midnighter on

I will never forget how moving Joni's performance was at this concert. The huge hall was packed. I think she opened with Big Yellow Taxi and within minutes I was in tears! She was just too much -- her voice, the strong, strong guitar -- it was electrifying. Joni's music is truly spellbinding -- listening to her takes you to a special place unlike anywhere else. I didn't even remember, till looking for the concert on these web pages, that there were others performing that evening. The only performance I remember is Joni's. She was utterly brilliant.

Stagethyme on

I remember that concert fairly well. An amazing day, travelled up early from Leigh on Sea, with the beautiful Danielle. Sarfendman and I may have caught the same train! However I remember it slightly differently, I was very close to the front and Jackson seemed rather nervous and not quite himself. (I had seen him a few times at Les Cousins). I can no longer remember what songs he played (can anyone else?)I'm not sure he played anything new, just from his '65 album.Disappointing as I'd been eagerly awaiting a new album from him.Highlights as I remember were Al Stewart's "Love Chronicles" and Fairport doing an amazing rendition of "Suzanne". Joni of course was in good voice too!

Sarfendman on

Some concert! I was there! It was an evening that turned on it's head as Jackson C Frank simply mesmerised the audience and the following day the critics. I actually met the guy later at the famous Les Cousins Folk Club reason being I was planning to go there and not this concert. Reason? Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick were on at the club. Which would you choose? Yeah, spoilt for choice and couldn't be in two places at once.  [ed.]