For The Roses

Release date:  November 21, 1972

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Album Notes

This album was added to Library of Congress' National Recording Registry in 2007.

Woodwinds and Reeds: Tommy Scott
Bass: Wilton Felder
Drums: Russ Kunkel
Percussion: Bobbye Hall
Strings: Bobby Notkoff
Harmonica: Graham Nash
Electric Guitar (Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire): James Burton
Rock 'n' Roll Band (Blonde in the Bleachers): Stephen Stills

Sound and Guidance: Henry Lewy
Recorded at A&M Studios- Hollywood, California

Art Direction/Design: Anthony Hudson
Photography: Joel Bernstein
Direction: The Geffen Roberts Co.

All songs composed by Joni Mitchell
All songs published by Joni Mitchell / BMI

Copyright 1972

Asylum Records, Manufactured by
Atlantic Recording Corporation
1841 Broadway, New York, New York 10023

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Le K. on

This album is so beautiful. I discover it this summer. it's been years since i've had goosebumps while listening to music. Thank you Joni. I am very happy to discover your beautiful songs today.

philhansen on

This piece of music is my favorite of ALL music/poetry recordings I have ever been introduced to in my life. I don't know why but this album is like a salve to my soul. It reaches me somewhere deep in my heart like when the Holy Spirit lights upon me...I've listened to this album at least 50 times per year for the last 40 years...you do the math...I think I got a problem like "Joni-itise". When we get to heaven I'm going to let Joni fall in love with me, or at least beg her to sing 'For the Roses'. A fella can dream can't he?

afriendofspirit on

I love the way that Joni's albums are whole works, each with a mood and a sound all its own, and For the Roses is such a perfect example of that. It reminds me of chamber music, in a way. The lyrics are so wise and poetic, and also have a classical feel to them; Judgement of the Moon and Stars adds to the classical feel as well, being about Beethoven and all. Such a unique offering from a unique moment in Joni's career.

jjrose on

This album along with some of the earlier recordings certainly got me through my bleak days at college Sept' 75. ---Thanks so much Joni!

brentholcomb84 on

I work in a Starbucks and my customers have heard this album about a thousand times this year... These aren't just songs. These are monumental, towering epiphanies for the ages. Judgment of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune) is an undeniable masterpiece. This is one of the grooviest, most enlightening albums I've ever heard. Thank you so much, Joni. You never fail to inspire greatness in me, and I'm humbled to include you in my life's cast of characters. Even though we'll probably never actually meet, I feel as though you know me. I owe my musical career, and most of my happiness to you. With much love, Brent Holcomb   [ed.]

sweet.bird on

i dislike favoritism, yet this... in all honesty, is my most favorite joni record.
i just LOVE it's raw versatility. she does this in all of her records, but this one fits PERFECTLY.