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Joni Mitchell — For the Roses Print-ready version

by Peter Barsocchini
San Mateo Times
December 23, 1972
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The songs on this album, like the songs on Joni's last album (Blue), are not the sort you walk around humming to yourself. The melodies are too intricate, flowing, for that, and sometimes almost too fragile for anyone's voice but J. Mitchell's. But these melodies do stay with you, in parts and phrase, rising up like remembered scents, sweet and sometimes somber scents.

And equal with the fluidity of the melodies are the enchanting poems she sings, happy, sad, reflective. Joni Mitchell is one of the few contemporary songwriters who writes lyrics which can stand intelligently and beautifully without music. But then these poems are laced with these melodies, and you have some of the best contemporary music available.

Joni's songs are fresh and interesting after many listening, and the album stands on this achievement. That, and the simple pervasive beauty.

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