A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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A Chronology of Appearances by year - 2007

(Unconfirmed information is highlighted)

  • 2007.01.27 King Edward Hotel Toronto, ON

    Joni attended a "welcome" cocktail party in honor of the 2007
    inductees to the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

  • 2007.01.28 Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now—CBC Radio Toronto, ON

    A Documentary portrait of Joni's Life and music.

  • 2007.01.28 John Bassett Theatre, Metro Convention Center Toronto, ON

    Hall Of Fame Gala. Joni was inducted into the Canadian
    Songwriters Hall of Fame
    alongside legendary songwriters
    Leonard Cohen and Gilles Vigneault. Five songs penned by
    Joni Mitchell were officially inducted into the Canadian
    Songwriters Hall of Fame and some of the most respected
    artists in the music industry travelled to Toronto to pay tribute
    at a ceremony at the Metro Convention Centre. The program
    was broadcast nationally on CBC Radio One on Jan. 29.
    A one-hour television special was broadcast nationally
    by the CBC on March 5.

  • 2007.01.29 Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame Gala—CBC Radio Toronto, ON

    A radio broadcast featuring highlights from the
    Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame induction ceremony.

  • 2007.02.08 Dancing Joni & Other Works—Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Calgary, AB

    Joni attended the premier performance of
    The Fiddle And The Drum, a new work set to
    nine of her songs and performed by Alberta Ballet.

  • 2007.03.05 Words To Music: Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame Toronto, ON

    A one-hour television special broadcast by CBC TV.

  • 2007.03.20 Come In From The Cold: The Return Of Joni Mitchell Los Angeles, CA

    As Joni Mitchell puts the finishing touches to her first album
    of new songs for nine years, she talks to Amanda Ghost in this
    new, two-part series based on their in-depth conversation and
    illustrated with famous and less widely known Mitchell recordings.

  • 2007.03.27 Come In From The Cold: The Return Of Joni Mitchell Los Angeles, CA

    Joni Mitchell talked openly to Amanda Ghost about the effect
    her music has had on the world, why she dropped out of the
    hit-making rat race and what it was that brought her back to
    songwriting and recording as a form of creative expression,
    in the concluding part of this two-part series.

  • 2007.09.23 Violet Ray Gallery New York, NY

    Joni was interviewed by Reese Erlich for the NPR program
    All Things Considered. The program was broadcast on Sept. 28th.

  • 2007.09.24 Violet Ray Gallery New York, NY

    Joni was interviewed by Russ Mitchell for a profile to be
    broadcast by CBS-TV on their program Sunday Morning.

  • 2007.09.25 Violet Ray Gallery New York, NY

    Joni attended the opening of an exhibition of her triptychs
    called Green Flag Song, on themes of "war, torture, revolution".

  • 2007.09.25 Sunshine Cinema New York, NY

    Joni attended the New York premiere of The Fiddle and the Drum,
    an anti-war ballet she co-created, based on her songs.

  • 2007.10.19 Meg Griffin's Disorder—Sirius Radio New York, NY

    Joni talks about her new album Shine, struggles with record
    labels, contributing her photographs and music to a recent ballet
    and the urgency of environmental concerns. Special guest and
    collaborator, Herbie Hancock was present as well.

  • 2007.10.22 The Fiddle and the Drum—Bravo-TV Edmonton, AB

    Joni collaborated with Alberta Ballet's artistic director
    Jean Grand-Maƌtre to create "The Fiddle and The Drum" a ballet
    set to her music and performed before projections of her artwork.
    This one-hour dance, music and visual arts performance special is
    a reflection of Mitchell's life-long concerns about environmental
    neglect and the warring nature of mankind.

  • 2007.10.28 Kodak Theatre Los Angeles, CA

    The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz hosted an all-star tribute
    concert for musician Herbie Hancock in honor of his contributions
    to the genre and the music industry. Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau, Sting,
    Joni Mitchell and others performed at the Event.

  • 2007.11.04 CBS Sunday Morning - All Sides Of Joni Mitchell New York, NY

    Joni spoke with Russ Mitchell about the days she used to
    pay for art school by playing music at coffee shops for $15.

  • 2007.11.09 Tavis Smiley Program - Late Night On PBS Los Angeles, CA

    A conversation about Joni's new album Shine.

  • 2007.11.15 Charlie Rose Program—PBS-TV New York, NY

    A conversation about Joni's new album Shine.

  • 2007.12.02 Andrew Marr Show—BBC 1 TV London, England

    Joni was interviewed via satellite from California.