Joni Undercover

  • Both Sides Now by Appleton MacDowell Male Chorus "Something Old - Something New" Creative Sound Studios 1982

  • Both Sides Now by Fairport Convention "Moat on the Ledge " Stony Plain SP 1052 1982

    Live recording from 1981

  • Both Sides Now by Lapislazuli "Lapislazuli" Rillenwerke LA 8205 1982

    Recorded in German language as “Um uns herum”, but the lyrics have no connection to Joni's.

  • Carey by Bradley, Sharon "Hello In There" Pan Holland PAN 111 1982

  • Chelsea Morning by Connexion "Connexion" RHMP 1001 1982

    Benton Park Grammar School; Haarlem, Holland

  • For Free by Axton, Hoyt "Pistol Packin' Mama" Jeremiah Records JH-5003 1982

  • For Free by Henry, Carl "Simple Presents" Reel Dreams Records RD 1003 1982

  • Harry's House by Haigis, Anne "Fingernails" MOOD-Records 28 632 1982

  • Raised On Robbery by Easton, Sheena "Live At The Palace, Hollywood (Video)" Thorn/EMI TVD 1735 1982

  • Twisted by Cherry "Cherry" Vertigo 6423 554 1982

    Recorded in Dutch as "Geschift"

  • Twisted by Galron, Nurit "Sympathy = סימפטיה" 1982

    Recorded in Hebrew

  • Twisted by Sloane, Carol "Subway Tokens" Baybridge Records ULS-6123-B 1982

  • Urge For Going by Bradley, Sharon "Hello In There" Pan Holland PAN 111 1982

  • Urge For Going by Rush, Tom "New Year, Live At Symphony Hall" Night Light 1982

  • You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) by Davies, Gail "Givin' Herself Away" Warner Brothers WBK-56981 1982