Joni Undercover

  • A Case Of You by Dennis, Dave, And Celia "Dennis, Dave & Celia" Stanford Eating Clubs DDC 001 1975

    Leland Stanford Junior University

  • A Case Of You by Webb, Susan "Bye-Bye Pretty Baby" Anchor ANCL2006 1975

  • Big Yellow Taxi by Clarke, Rona "Utopian Dream" Westwood Recordings WRS067 1975

  • Big Yellow Taxi by Lawrence, Claire 1975

    CBC Broadcast Album

  • Big Yellow Taxi by Lorencová, Zdenka "Tady jsem" 1975

    Recorded in Czech as "Zlutý taxík"

  • Big Yellow Taxi by Satin Sheets "Dick Syncona Smith/Satin Sheets/Reg Gibson/The J-J's" Canadian Broadcasting Corporation LM 419 1975

    A group of Toronto performers organized exclusively for CBC recordings by Rob McConnell.

  • Both Sides Now by Breitholtz, Titti "Över En Fruntimmerssuck" Decca Records SKL 5223 1975

  • Both Sides Now by Close Connection "Close Up" Philips 6410 084 1975

    Dutch vocal group

  • Both Sides Now by Ferrante & Teicher and Orchestra "All About American Love Themes" GXC-6127 1975

    According to the United Artists recording was recorded in January of 1970 at National Sound in NYC....along with some other songs. For some reason they decided not to use it on that particular LP. Since it was only released in would have been United Artist's International Division that saw it in the master log....had it pulled and released with the rest of that LP.

  • Both Sides Now by Folklore "First Of Folklore" Homespun Records HRL 104 1975

    Folklore is a Irish group of 5; this track features Pauline Sloan (Guitar, Vocals) and Frank Lennon (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin)

  • Both Sides Now by Gallagher, Lee "Land Of Love" ATA Records L-25228 1975

  • Both Sides Now by Gillies, Anne Lorne "There Was A Girl" Philips 6308 244 1975

  • Both Sides Now by John Ashcroft Keyboards Sounds "Themes For Everyday" Wudwink ‎ IS/JA 1975

  • Both Sides Now by Moline, Bob "By Request" Kenro Records KR 100 1975

  • Both Sides Now by North Bay Boys Choir "In Concert" ST-57719 1975


  • Both Sides Now by Trident "Streets Of London" This Record Co. Ltd. DJSL 051 1975

  • Carey by Clarke, Rona "Utopian Dream" Westwood Recordings WRS067 1975

  • Conversation by Colvin, Shawn "(Live Performance)" 1975

  • For Free by Catfish Hodge "Soap Opera's" 20th Century Records/ Weatbound Records W-202 1975

  • Free Man In Paris by King, Jonathon "A Rose In A Fisted Glove" United Artists Records UKAL-1010 1975

  • Little Green by Dennis, Dave, And Celia "Dennis, Dave, And Celia" DDC001 1975

  • Michael From Mountains by White Rose "It's A Long Time" Look Records LKLP 6021 1975

  • Morning Morgantown by Berg, Stein Ove "Visa Di" 1975

    Recorded in Norwegian as "Morgen i var by"

  • Morning Morgantown by Lorencová, Zdenka "Tady jsem " 1975

    Recorded in Czech as "Ranní msto znám "

  • The Circle Game by McCann, Terry & Mary Robbins "Friends In Harmony" Jella JHLP S173 1975

  • The Circle Game by Wychfolk "Circle Game" Deroy DER 1156 1975

  • Urge For Going by Colvin, Shawn "(Live - unreleased)" 1975

  • Urge For Going by Hasson, Gemma "Looking For the Morning" Leaf 7008 1975

  • Woodstock by Led Zeppelin "Kashmir (Bootleg)" Berkeley Records 1975

  • Woodstock by Patchy Fogg "Today's Weather...." Acorn Records Ltd. CF 254 1975