Inspired by Joni - The Songs

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Inspired by Joni - The Songs

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  • “Billy The Mountain” by Frank Zappa / The Mothers on Just Another Band From L.A.

  • “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin on “Led Zeppelin IV”

  • “Going To California” by Led Zeppelin on “BBC Sessions”


  • “Somebody Beautiful Just Undid Me” by Peter Allen on Tenterfield Saddler

  • “Thought Have Turned” by Flo & Eddie on “The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie”

  • “Going To California (Live)” by Led Zeppelin on “How The West Was Won”


  • “Funny That Way” by Melissa Manchester on “Home To Myself”

  • “You Put Me Thru Hell (Joni Mitchell Parody) ” by Original Cast on The Best Of The National Lampoon Radio Hour

  • “If We Only Had The Time” by Flo & Eddie on “Flo & Eddie”


  • “The Best of My Love” by The Eagles on “On The Border ”

  • “Kama Sutra Time” by Flo & Eddie on Illegal, Immoral & Fattening


  • “Tangled Up In Blue” by Bob Dylan on Blood On The Tracks

  • “The Wheel” by Todd Rundgren (Utopia) on “Another Live”

  • “Uncle Sea-Bird” by Pete Atkin on Live Libel

  • “Joni” by Eric Kloss on “Bodies' Warmth”



  • “So Blue” by Stan Rogers on Turnaround

  • “Happy Birthday (to Joni Mitchell)” by Dr. John on “Period On Horizon”



  • “Lies (Through The 80's)” by Manfred Mann's Earth Band on Chance


  • “We Got Uranium ” by Don Freed on “Pith And Pathos ”



  • “When I Saw Joni Mitchell” by Pavel Fort on “First Night Show”

  • “Ice Cream Castles” by The Time on “Ice Cream Castle”


  • “Radio Musicola” by Nik Kershaw on Radio Musicola

  • “Window On The Lake (for Joni Mitchell)” by Quartet Music on “Window On The Lake”





  • “Frozen River” by Everything But The Girl on Worldwide

  • “Dear Friend” by Fish (Derek W. Dick) on Internal Exile





  • “Impregnated Tid Bits Of Dope Hits” by Speech on Speech

  • “Talking To Electrons” by Rachael Z on Room Of One's Own

  • “The Universe” by Paul Rader on The Universe

  • “Last Night” by Lynn Miles on “Slightly Haunted”


  • “Don't Leave” by Faithless on Reverence

  • “Got 'Til It's Gone” by Janet Jackson (featuring Q-Tip & Joni Mitchell) on The Velvet Rope

  • “Joni Mitchell's House” by Mermen on Only You

  • “Joni Mitchell's House” by Mermen on Sunken Treasure

  • “Circle Of Amour” by Prince on Crystal Ball

  • “Once Like You” by Jackie Tice on “Blue Coyote”



  • “Pleasant Street” by Meg Hutchinson on Against The Grey

  • “Doctor Rock” by Ween on Paintin' The Town Brown: Ween Live '90 - '98

  • “You've Been So Good To Me So Far” by Tim Rogers & the Twin Set on What Rhymes With Cars And Girls

  • “The Three Madonnas (Judy and Joni and Joan)” by Kristin Lems on Oh Mama - plus!

  • “Jazz Bon Temps” by Nits on Wool

  • “Lowlands Anthem, Pt. 1” by Defari on Focused Daily

  • “Jessie & My Whetstone” by Saves The Day on I'm Sorry I'm Leaving [EP]

  • “Gorgeous (Slipcritical ReMix)” by Girl Next Door on “Transition”

  • “Rich Get Rich” by Chubb Rock, Lil' Dap, Edo G., Paw Duke on “No More Prisons”

  • “Addictive” by Faithless on “Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack)”


  • “Fayetteville Experience” by Arrested Development on Da Feelin'

  • “Ferdinand” by Maggi, Pierce and E.J. (MPEband) on F O R

  • “Rooftops” by Tarsha Vega (featuring Carole King) on “Diamonds and Monsters”





  • “Makaveli Never Lied” by Teena Marie on “ La Doña”

  • “Joni Mitchell Record” by Monica Starck on “Desert Flower”

  • “Joni Mitchell” by Dwayne and Jeff on Rubber and Glue

  • “Stopped By Woods On A Snowy Evening

    (How he met Joni Mitchell…)
    by Jackie Leven on Barefoot Days

  • “It's A Jazz Day” by Brenda Russell on Between The Sun And The Moon

  • “Arc Of Joni” by Roger Ebacher on To Dream … To Dance

  • “Got 'Till It's Gone” by Various Artists on Smooth Sax Tribute To Janet Jackson

  • “23 (song for joni mitchell)” by K.C. McKanzie on weird tunes from a wild mind

  • “Jessie & My Whetstone (Live 2003)” by Saves The Day on Ups & Downs: Early Recordings And B-Sides

  • “Lonely Painter (For Joni Mitchell)” by Diederik Wissels on “Song of You”

  • “Roses” by Bill Carson & His Checkered Past on the Copper Look

  • “stunted growth” by eLZHi on “Witness My Growth, The Mixtape 97-04"”

  • “Joni Mitchell's Blue” by The Reservations on “last impressions”


  • “Jukebox On My Grave” by Ellis Paul on American Juukebox Fables

  • “Heart and Mind” by Mike Murley & David Occhipinti on Duologue Vol. 2

  • “Joni” by Pete and J on Without A Band

  • “Joni Mitchell” by Partick Burke on The Butler's Bullfinch

  • “Gone” by Kayne West on late registration

  • “Joni I” by Antoine Gratton on Il Était Une Fois Dans L’'est

  • “Joni II” by Antoine Gratton on Il Était Une Fois Dans L'’est

  • “Falling (That Joni Mitchell song)” by omri levy on Swim

  • “Blue” by Flirting With Chocolate on The Blue Album

  • “Your House” by Alanis Morissette on jagged little pill acoustic

  • “The Republic Of Howlin' Wolf” by Songdog on “The Time Of Summer Lightning”

  • “Drive” by The Library Fire on “to a high, lonely place”

  • “Song 4 U” by The Cutthoat Committee on “Money Iz Motive”

  • “Song For The Tin Man” by What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? on “MP3”

  • “Crazy” by Kanye West, Clipse & Aura on “second semester”




  • “this moody sky today (for joni mitchell)” by coen oscar polack on psychic investigations

  • “Oh, California” by a balladeer on Where Are You, Bambi Woods?

  • “Ondertussen Zingt Joni Over Canada

    (Meanwhile Joni sings about Canada)
    by Daniël Lohues on Allennig II

  • “Women - Joni - Lindsay” by Wizard Nighthawk Ishmael the Daywalker on No Jazz Recourse

  • “Dream Queen” by Larry Hughes on Black Jack Moon

  • “Joni (Corner of a Dark Café)” by Adam Klein on Western Tales & Trails

  • “These Are The Songs” by amy wadge on “Bump”

  • “When You Look At Me ” by Barbara Helen on “An Unfamiliar Place ”

  • “Singing Joni Mitchell” by Ian Fisher on “Pawn Heart”

  • “Joni Mitchell” by Libby Weaver on “Vanity Fair”

  • “Fever (Remix) ” by Colin Munroe on “Is The Unsung Hero ”

  • “The First Snow Of The Year ” by Jason Anderson on “Tonight”

  • “Mulholland Drive with Joni Mitchell” by Gregory Sidak on “Tribute”

  • “Pave Paradise ” by Have Heart on “Songs To Scream At The Sun ”


  • “Poem for Joni” by The Outlanders on “...and this is how his story goes”

  • “perfect cloud ” by lily kiara on “on this ground ”

  • “Song for Joni ” by Gray Hawke on “Desire Lines ”

  • “my eyes ” by Graham Davies on “”

  • “Gold and Blue ” by Holly Kirby on “A Woman You Don't Know ”

  • “In My Face” by marcuscornelius1 on “”

  • “California Song” by Brooke White on “High Hopes & Heartbreaks”

  • “I Can Never Know ” by Sincerely, Iris on “Headlight Sonata ”


  • “Joni Mitchell Memory” by Morgen La Civita on “From The Basement”

  • “Fuck the Money” by B.o.B. Featuring Asher Roth on “May 25th Mixtape”

  • “Joni Mitchell ” by Dalice Malice on “The Chicago Demo”


  • “Joni” by Mathias Eick on “Skala”

  • “Joni” by Derek Gripper on “The Sound of Water”

  • “” by Apathy on “Honkey Kong”

  • “Make Alotta Money” by Apathy on “Honkey Kong”

  • “Joni's Smile” by Christopher Grener on “Internet DownLoad”

  • “Joni Mitchell Meets Lou Reed ” by Melvin J. G. on “itunes/CD Baby DownLoad ”

  • “She's Not Joni Mitchell ” by underwater city people on “So You've Decided To Be . . . ”

  • “Joni” by Tim Munro on “One Last Time ”

  • “Joni Mitchell ” by Bob bucko JR on “Rest In Infinity ”

  • “joni mitchell eyes ” by The Sonic Rats on “wellwood ep ”


  • “Queen of California” by John Mayer on “Born and Raised”

  • “Sundown” by Labrinth on “Electronic Earrth”

  • “Midnight Feast” by John Cale on “Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood”

  • “Joni Mitchell” by Lilly Wood & The Prick on “The Fight”

  • “Montréal” by Marillion on “Sounds That Can't Be Made”

  • “Can Be” by Chino XL featuring Jared Gosselin on “RICANstruction”

  • “Joni Mitchell Song” by Oh laura on “The Mess We Left Behind”

  • “Woodstock ” by Kalya Scintilla on “free digital DownLoad ”

  • “Joni Mitchell” by Lani Giro on “Parallax EP ”


  • “Gone” by Kelly Rowland (Featuring Wiz Khalifa) on “Talk A Good Game”

  • “Joni Mitchell” by Shambles on “Move Away”

  • “Joni Mitchell In Love ” by The Anti-Job on “You're Not Real ”

  • “"Skate Away On Christmas (song for Joni)" ” by ONE plus ONE on “Winding Journey ”

  • “Joni” by Luke DeSciscio on “at BLACK LODGE ”

  • “intro” by Veks & Inspecta Morze on “Lookin' Up From The Gutter ”

  • “Starburst (feat. Joni Mitchell) ” by Opera Dog on “Smiley Face EP ”

  • “Whitstable Hejira (a song for Joni Mitchell)” by Patrick Ovenden on “Rigs of the Time”


  • “Joni Mitchell Boxing Day ” by Jocelyn Ahlf on “"The Irrelevant Show CBC Radio" ”

  • “Joni Mitchell” by Joe Cang on “Better Place”


  • “A Way to Touch the Morning Sun (Demo) ” by Jonah Dratfield on “digital DownLoad ”

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