Joni Undercover

  • All I Want by Stevens, Suzanne "Crystal Carriage" Capitol Records ST-11615 1977

  • Big Yellow Taxi by Butler, Harold 1977

    45 Single - A Side is "Freedom Taxi", and instrumental built around Big Yellow Taxi, B-side is a dub version of the same called "Freedom Version".

  • Big Yellow Taxi by Mezek, Aleksander "Kje So Tiste Steznice" RTV Ljubljana LD 0394 1977

    From Yugoslavia, recorded as "Mo~je V rnem"

  • Blue by The Joe Locke Quintet "Slander (And Other Love Songs)" Milestone MCD-9284-2 1977

  • Both Sides Now by Cardington High School Choir And Vocal Ensemble "Cardington High School Spring Concert 1977" Recorded Publications Company 470501 1977

    Kenneth Flaglor, Director Cardington, OH

  • Both Sides Now by Carey, Pat "To Start Again" U.U. Records GCS-250 1977

  • Both Sides Now by Mayfield High School Girls Choir "1976-77" RPC 1977

    Medley with Chelsea Morning and The Circle Game

  • Both Sides Now by Rivera, Gracie "Gracie" EMI EMGS 6012 1977

  • Both Sides Now by The National Children's Choir "Special Sounds" NCC 1 1977

    Washington, DC

  • Chelsea Morning by Mayfield High School Girls Choir "1976-77" RPC 1977

    Medley with Both Sides Now and The Circle Game

  • Chelsea Morning by Montgomery, Marion & Richard Rodney Bennett "Surprise, Surprise" Cube Records HIFLY 24 1977

  • Dreamland by Big & Little Choruses, M.H. Stanley Intermediate School "Movin' On" Location Recording Service LRS-RT-6360 1977

  • For Free by Julie Mairs & Chris Stowell "Soft Sea Blue" Cottage Records COT.211 1977

  • For Free by Terea "Terea" Baby Grand SE 1031 1977

    Reissued by Jazzman Records in CD format in 2011

  • Free Man In Paris by Diamond, Neil "I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight" Sony CK-34990 1977

  • Just Couldn't Help Myself by Smith, O.C. "Together" Caribou CRB 81848 1977

    Co-written with John Guerin; B-side of "Together".

  • Just Like This Train by Lehmann-Haupt, John "Unsung Guitar" Physical Records PR32-011 1977

  • Michael From Mountains by Arthur, Pat "As Cosy As An Irish Pub " Unidisc UD 30 1329 1977

  • River by Ballew, Michael "45 Single" Phooey Records 811X24 1977

  • River by Reilly & Maloney "Alive" Freckle Records RM 01899 1977

  • Sweet Bird by Hall, Lani "Sweet Bird" A&M 4617 1977

  • The Circle Game by Mayfield High School Girls Choir "1976-77" RPC 1977

    Medley with Both Sides and Chelsea Morning

  • The Circle Game by Milan y Bibiloni "Milan y Bibiloni" Novola NLX 1071 G 1977

  • The Circle Game by Mitchell, Chuck "Combinations" Bird Productions BP-111735 1977

  • The Fiddle And The Drum by Tabor, June "The Peel Sessions (Live)" Strange Fruit SFPS-015 1977

  • Urge For Going by Townsend, John "All Kinds Of Everything Vol. 2" Sweet Folk And Country SFA 082 1977

  • Woodstock by Bach, Lee "folk and free" GEMA No. ML13 1977

    Recorded at Kaleidophon studios, London, for chicken-shit productions.

  • You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) by Wessel, Magret "Live im Country Castle Hamburg, Vol. 1" Summer Records SL 7801 1977

    Performance from 13May77