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1974.08.13 Joni's next appearance Universal Amphitheatre Universal City, CA

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  • [PHcreative1]
  • From the LA Free Press
  • Photo by Henry Diltz

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wandab on

I saw her at the Universal Ampitheatre. I was with my boyfriend. We loved her. Still do. She was recording with Geffen records then. When she was playing on the piano she was wearing a blue pantsuit kind of proper looking. After a break she came out in a black jacket with rhinestones and rocked the place. I also saw her when she showed up at Pauley Pavillion (UCLA) where artists with Arista Records were playing-the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, etc. I lived in Laurel Canyon then. She lived the next road up. It was great times. I wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

licoricepizza on

I was the first person to buy Miles of Aisles the day it was released from the Licorice Pizza record store on Wilshire in West Los Angeles and had tickets to three of the Universal Amph. concerts. I remember people getting up to dance - swing dance - in the aisles during Carey. My boyfriend, not a Joni Mitchell fan at the time, always remembered how the entire auditorium was dead silent during Case of You -- mesmerizing. Fans kept going down to the stage to put flowers all over the edge of the stage. We had picked all the roses out of a neighbor's yard and put them in a basket to bring to her. I was only 16.