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1974.08.09 Joni's next appearance Pine Knob Music Theatre Clarkston, MI

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jim linsell on

On August 8, 1974, my new girlfriend and I, now my wife of 40 years, went to Joni's concert at Pine Knob in Clarkston, Michigan. It was a beautiful, warm night. There was a big crowd with many sprawled on the lawn beyond the stage and regular seats. I was thrilled to see her because I'd followed her then emerging career via performances at the Chessmate, a Detroit coffee house that in those years featured acoustic folk artists like Chuck and Joni, Tom Rush, The Blues Magoos. Suspense had been building all week because Watergate was in full swing and pressure was at its max for Nixon to be impeached. During the evening in a televised address, Nixon announced his intention to be the first U.S. president to resign. Within a few minutes, Joni relayed the announcement to the crowd that erupted in cheers and applause. I'd love to see a video of that moment, though it's indelibly pressed in my memory. Thank you, Joni, for a wonderful career!

jelfan on

What a wonderful night! The music was passionate and whimsical,soul touching and thought provoking. I remember the song Joni played immediately after she announced Nixon's resignation was Big Yellow Taxi, the refrain from which is "Don't it always seem to go,that you don't know what you've got'til it's gone". I always wondered if that was her way of warning us to be careful what we ask for cause sometimes things can go from bad to worse.
I read some of the other comments about the "Miles of Aisles" album cover looking like Pine Knob. I Googled it and according to Wikipedia it is a photo of Pine Knob! How cool! I also thought it looked like Pine Knob, but didn't believe it could be from a concert I attended!That is just awesome!Thanks Joni!

Skylark on

That was my first and only time to see Joni in concert. It was a fabulous experience that I'll always cherish. I always thought that the album cover for "Miles of Aisles" looked like Pine Knob. (I believe Joni Mitchell took that cover photo.) You could feel the Power of the People when she announced the Nixon resignation. She held up a TV set. That cracked me up. Thank you Joni for capturing the art and spirit of our lives and giving it back so beautifully.

AnnGogh on

I attended this concert; it was my first Joni experience, and I thought I would faint from excitement. I always refer to it as the "Miles of Aisles" concert, as the cover of this album looks like the Pine Knob theatre.
I, too, recall her announcement of Nixon's resignation.
Thank you Joni for your art and poetry. You literally saved my life.

marykay on

I was at Pine Knob for this concert - I remember that Joni made the announcement to the crowd that nixon had resigned! It was a great night and the music was magical