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 Oct 17: Call for papers! An international symposium on the work of Joni

"Court and Spark: An international symposium on the work of Joni Mitchell" July 3rd, 2015, University of Lincoln, UK. Call for Papers! The School of English and Journalism at the University of Lincoln invites you to join in considering all things Mitchell. Academics, music critics, fans are encouraged to attend. Paper proposals that mix personal with critical, historical, musicological, or cultural-studies analyses are welcome. More info

 Oct 14: New boxed set out November 17

"Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting To Be Danced" will be released on November 17. This is a 4-CD boxed set with 53 previously-released tracks, although the tracks have all apparently been remastered. More details as we find out!
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 Robin & The Mutts perform 'Mingus', San Diego, Nov 8

On the day after Joni Mitchell’s 71st birthday, San Diego based band, Robin Adler and Mutts Of The Planet present “Mingus” – the extraordinary 1979 collaboration between Joni Mitchell and Charles Mingus. It was to be Mingus’ farewell project before his passing, and it created much controversy among Mitchell’s fans who were unprepared for her full embrace of the jazz artform. It began her long association with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and Peter Erskine and cemented her status as an uncompromising artist forever. San Diego’s top jazz musicians, Joshua White, Tripp Sprague, Rob Thorsen, and Duncan Moore will join Robin Adler and Dave Blackburn for this special concert 8PM at Dizzy’s in San Diego – $20 cover More info.
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New Additions to the Article Library
Under Investigation
   Guitar Player (Magazine), November 2014
Classic Tracks: Los Angeles Edition
   MIX - The Recording Industry Magazine, October 2014
The Flaming Fifties: A new generation of women is making 50 fabulous (Part 2)
   Vanity Fair, October 1993
New Music Transcriptions
God Must Be A Boogie Man
   Lead sheet by Dave Blackburn
Sweet Sucker Dance
   piano music by Dave Blackburn
Paprika Plains (piano/vocal)
   piano music by Dave Blackburn & Michael Dunn
Paprika Plains (complete score)
   piano music by Dave Blackburn & Michael Dunn