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1979.09.02 Joni's next appearance Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC

A press conference was held at the Coliseum after the concert

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  • Was in college at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Drove up to BC for this memorable night! [tomaras]
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rhysmhor on

My ex and i were in jazz college on Vancouver Island, we had just started studying that year, using Berkeley School methods, so Metheny et al were Big News. When we heard Joni was coming to Vancouver with that band, a huge bunch of us went.
We took the CPR Ferry over from Nanaimo that day, with our five year old daughter. All went to concert -- which was amazing! -- and walked around downtown until they let us on the morning ferry back -- around 2 am. We were all quiet -- tired, in travel-waiting mode, and emotionally drained from such an incredible evening. -- so just dozed on the chairs and floor until it left at 0430, getting us back to Nanaimo at 0630. Unforgettable.

willowfeather on

Drove like mad from Duvall WA to BC. Just caught the end of the first band. Got seats just behind the sound board. Rushed the stage for the encore: "Woodstock". The yellow lights shown on the crowd just when she sang, "we are golden". A feeling of uniqueness and bliss came over me. Raised both my arms into the air at one point, and she looked right at me. I'll never forget it!

regostein on

I remember getting stuck at the border trying to get to the concert. We arrived at about the time the show started. Not a great venue, but we were instantly wrapped up in the show. This was a great period for Joni's music. Jazz is so under appreciated.