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1979.09.03 Joni's next appearance Memorial Coliseum Portland, OR

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Lamar Savage on

My wife and I had just married and moved to Portland less than a month before this show - and I had just turned 26 years of age the day before the show! Details have blurred a bit as the decades have passed, but the memory of the glorious sounds that Joni and that mind-boggling group of fellow geniuses created live on stage that day is vivid and thankfully permanent! My wife and I both knew that we were witnessing a once in a lifetime event. It remains one of the greatest concerts I've ever heard in my music-loving life! The words "Thank you, Joni" sound woefully inadequate to me now, but I suppose they will have to do as far as conveying my gratitude to Joni and her unmatched body of work!

JanetQ on

We were 21, 22 and 24. We drove 5 hours from La Grande, where we all worked for the local radio station. Joni and the band were something a world apart. Nothing about the night disappointed. Our seats, in the rafters. We were unaware of anything described in the associated press article, we simply ate up every moment. Joni wore a flowered jumpsuit, kind of rose colored. She was shy, gave little chatter, but her songs were true, her voice was powerful. We were thrilled, we already had all the albums. The band, stunning. Jaco and Pat Methany, we couldn't even believe we were lucky enough to be present. Decades of fabulous concerts, Portland Blues Festivals and Jimmy Mak's later and still this night remains sharp in my memory. Warmest wishes for joy and love Joni.

davelee on

One of the best concerts I have ever been to...amazing!!!

seikaway on

This was a surprise a friend gave to me. I was tingling with magic listening to Joni's voice again.