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1979.08.28 Joni's next appearance Robin Hood Dell West Philadelphia, PA

Renamed The Frederic R. Mann Music Center later in 1979

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jennycan on

My sister and I and my first love were there. We sat on the lawn, I was pregnant with my first daughter.. I tell my daughter that she too was there!! It was beautiful and exciting! Joni was dancing on stage and I will never forget Jaco!!! A beautiful evening!! I was 16.. They play Joni"s music at the grocery store were I work and I sing to it every day!! I know all of words!! I love you Joni!

BarbaraKnits on

Those days at the Dell (now the Mann Music Center) they let you in free in the far back. When we arrived, the lawn area was already jammed packed. So my friend Gary and I climbed up high on a statue for a better vantage point. Precarious seating but worth any physical risk to see Joni play! Jaco was amazing. I was 19.

marcmccarron on

I was the greatest tour in rock/jazz history. A stage full of giants -
talented geniuses preforming when the goddess was at the peak of her physical
form. Spellbinding. Joni was painting with a pallet beyond perfection.

steveb3 on

I was 23 the summer of 79 and already a huge Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius fan, having seen them both live before.But I never expected to be as blown away as I was by Joni and the rest of the band that night. She assembled the perfect mix of musicians for the set she played and everyone was on top of their game at that time, especcially Jaco.He was amazing! I've watched the video of that tour several times since then and after having been to hundreds of concerts from all types of music, it remains my favorite show of all time. I became one of Joni's biggest fans that night and still am to this day!!  [ed.]

ocean on

I remember seeing this show. Just me and some friends of mine at the end of the summer. I often think of things from those days and this was a particularly good one. The end of the summer. I was 16 and very carefree. The songs and the set were all well picked and played. Thanks!